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If you’re in the LED lighting industry and need a reliable solution for separating LED PCB boards, look no further. I.C.T LED PCB separator is designed to meet your specific needs, offering precision cutting and exceptional durability. Whether you’re working with standard LED PCBs or thicker boards, we have the right tool for you.

I.C.T-LS Series – Single Blade PCB Separator

For normal LED PCB boards, our I.C.T-LS series, featuring a single-blade design, is the perfect choice. This efficient separator ensures clean and precise cuts, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

I.C.T-LS1200 PCB V Cutting Machine Manual LED Separator
I.C.T-LS1200 PCB V Cutting Machine Manual LED Separator

Key Features of the I.C.T-LS Series:

  1. Long-lasting Blades: Crafted with precision in Taiwan, our blades boast a lifespan of over a year, ensuring minimal downtime and reduced maintenance costs.
  2. Laser-Calibrated Blades: Each blade is meticulously calibrated using dual-frequency laser interferometers, guaranteeing blade tip deviation of less than 0.02mm. This level of precision ensures high-quality separation every time.
  3. External Stainless Steel Platforms: The I.C.T-LS series comes with external stainless steel platforms available in 1.2 meters and 2.4 meters, allowing you to effortlessly cut longer LED PCBs.

I.C.T-MLS Series – Triple Blade PCB Separator

When it comes to thicker LED PCB boards, the I.C.T-MLS series, equipped with three blades, is the solution you need. This robust separator provides the power and precision required for thicker boards while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy.

I.C.T-MLS380 Multi Blades LED Separator
I.C.T-MLS380 Multi Blades LED Separator

Key Features of the I.C.T-MLS Series:

  1. Durable Blades: Our blades are engineered for longevity, ensuring consistent performance even with the toughest PCB materials.
  2. Laser-Calibrated Blades: Just like our single-blade model, the I.C.T-MLS series features laser-calibrated blades with a deviation of less than 0.02mm, ensuring reliable separation quality.
  3. External Stainless Steel Platforms: These separators also come with external stainless steel platforms, available in 1.2 meters and 2.4 meters, making it easy to cut longer LED PCBs without compromising on precision.

In conclusion, our LED PCB separator offers the perfect solution for your LED PCB separation needs. Whether you work with standard or thick boards, our precision machines ensure clean and accurate cuts, maximizing the efficiency of your production process. With durable blades, laser calibration, and external stainless steel platforms, our separators are built to perform reliably year after year. Don’t compromise on quality—choose our LED PCB separator for precision and durability in your PCB cutting operations.

Other PCB Separator

Other PCB Separator

PCB Separator also has some other kinds of products, here is the introduction of the product, if you need to click on the view!

  1. LED Separator: When you need precise separation of LED PCBs, an LED Separator is a valuable addition to your assembly line.
  2. Manual PCB V-Cutting Machine: This manual cutting machine provides flexibility for situations that require customized PCB separation.
  3. Moving Blade PCB Separator: Hand and foot are very efficient and have safety sensors, so please feel free to use them.
  4. Multi-Group Blades PCB Separator: You can multiply your efficiency, and if you split multiple strips with LEDs, you can solve the problem in one go.
  5. Guillotine PCB Separator:For PCBAs with higher components and thicker PCB boards, you can choose it.
  6. PCB Router:When you come across something that needs to be cut that is curved, you can cut it after programming and drawing on this machine.
  7. Laser PCB Router: If cutting requires high precision or even semiconductor cutting, you can consider this laser cutting machine
PCB Routing Machine

Ready to elevate your LED PCB separation process? Experience the precision and durability of our LED PCB separators for yourself. Explore our product offerings now and take the first step towards improved efficiency and quality in your production. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your LED PCB manufacturing – click below to learn more and get started today!

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