Sales & delivery terms

1. Introduction:

Acceptance of a quotation is considered as an acceptance of these sales and delivery terms.

2. Price:

Normal pricing terms such as FOB, CFR, and other forms of quotations are available for collaboration. Written quotations are binding, and any production equipment, drawings, or similar items used as the basis for the quotation are always considered the property of the supplier.

3. Ownership:

Ownership is transferred upon full payment by the buyer. Product ownership, copyrights, and other rights belong to the copyright owner, who has the right to take action if the buyer breaches the purchase agreement.

4. Order:

Buyers may not cancel, alter, or postpone orders without written consent from the supplier, and only if incurred expenses are paid and goods are paid for in cash. Risk and costs are borne by the buyer until the goods are paid for in full.

5. Delivery:

Delivery times are specified in the order confirmation and are based on the product specifications at the time of ordering. Delay in delivery does not grant the buyer the right to cancel the purchase until the supplier is notified in writing to correct the issue, and the supplier fails to deliver within a reasonable time. In cases where the delay in delivery is caused by the buyer, the delivery time may be extended within reasonable limits.

6. Force Majeure:

Events such as war, riots, strikes, lockouts, epidemics, and other circumstances beyond the control of the supplier may excuse delays or non-performance.

7. Deficiencies:

The supplier is not responsible for errors or defects caused by improper handling, transportation, storage, assembly, or other negligence outside the control of the supplier or for abnormal or normal wear and tear.

8. Payment:

Payment terms are specified in the order confirmation.

9. Product Liability:

In the event of personal injury caused by a defective product delivered or installed by the supplier, the supplier shall only assume the general legal liability imposed on the seller. The supplier assumes no further liability for products made with materials provided by the buyer or products manufactured by the buyer (which includes materials provided by the supplier), unless the damage can be attributed to the supplier’s products.