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Crafting High Effective SMT Line

Imagine dedicating an entire day to optimizing your SMT production line, with undivided attention from our team at I.C.T. We’re proud to offer an exclusive SMT line assessment service specifically tailored for OEM and EMS companies. Our goal is to turn your vision of the perfect SMT production line into a reality.

Smart Work for Lasting Results

Are you grappling with persistent challenges or recurring issues that seem insurmountable? It’s time to break the cycle. Schedule a line evaluation with us and gain access to invaluable insights, knowledge, advice, and support that will empower you to work smarter and achieve sustainable results.

Your Trusted Partner in SMT Production

At I.C.T, SMT production isn’t just a business – it’s our passion. We live and breathe surface mount technology, making us your ideal partner for all things related to SMT production. Let us provide you with the support, advice, and guidance needed to view your situation from a fresh perspective.

Ready for a Future of Uncertainty

While the future of the SMT industry remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the key to a robust and reliable SMT production line is working smart. I.C.T is here to assist you on this journey, providing high-speed equipment and tailored workflows that match your company’s unique needs. Get ready to embrace the future with confidence.