9 Advantages to Crafting Perfection: The I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator

In the realm of PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. As technology advances, the need for PCB separators that can delicately and effectively divide PCBs has become more critical. One such solution is the I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator, a professional guillotine-type automatic PCB V-cut machine designed to excel in the world of PCB separation.

This article delves into the features and capabilities of the I.C.T-GV330, highlighting its contributions to the PCB assembly process.

Guillotine PCB Separator I.C.T-GV330

I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator: Key Features

The I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator boasts a plethora of features designed to meet the stringent demands of modern electronics manufacturing. Here are some of its standout characteristics:

1. Minimal Internal Strength: The I.C.T-GV330 excels at minimizing internal stress generated during separation, ensuring that it remains under 180uE. This is crucial in preventing solder cracks or component damage.

2. Precision Separation: This guillotine PCB separator can accurately separate the edges of V-slots, maintaining a minimum distance of 0.3mm from components while accommodating components with a maximum height of 60mm.

3. Blade Maintenance: The I.C.T-GV330 allows for free blade sanding when it becomes worn, ensuring consistent cutting performance over time.

4. Pneumatic Control: With a cutting speed of one cut per second, the I.C.T-GV330 is precisely controlled by a pneumatic foot-plate switch.

5. Safe and Controlled Separation: Blade activation is negative, ensuring the safety of the separation route and position control.

6. Minimal Pollution: Unlike motor-driven separators, the I.C.T-GV330 does not create carbon or dust pollution, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

7. Residue-Free Separation: Due to its non-friction-based separation method, no obvious metal residue is left behind, contributing to the overall cleanliness of the process.

8. Exceptional Durability: With a lifespan of over 6,000,000 cycles, the I.C.T-GV330 is a robust and reliable addition to any PCB assembly line.

9. Professional Guillotine Type: The I.C.T-GV330 stands out as a professional guillotine-type automatic PCB V-cut machine designed specifically for FR4 board processing.

Enhancing Efficiency: The I.C.T-GV330 in Action

Efficiency is a cornerstone of the I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator. Its quick and precise operation streamlines the PCB separation process, contributing to a more efficient assembly line.

This guillotine PCB separator is ideal for applications where precision is essential. Whether you are working with delicate SMT components or thicker PCBs, the I.C.T-GV330 provides consistent and reliable results.

The non-rotational separation method employed by the I.C.T-GV330 eliminates the need for motor-driven mechanisms, significantly reducing the risk of pollution and machine wear. This makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for electronics manufacturing.

Other PCB Separator

Other PCB Separator

PCB Separator also has some other kinds of products, here is the introduction of the product, if you need to click on the view!

  1. LED Separator: When you need precise separation of LED PCBs, an LED Separator is a valuable addition to your assembly line.
  2. Manual PCB V-Cutting Machine: This manual cutting machine provides flexibility for situations that require customized PCB separation.
  3. Moving Blade PCB Separator: Hand and foot are very efficient and have safety sensors, so please feel free to use them.
  4. Multi-Group Blades PCB Separator: You can multiply your efficiency, and if you split multiple strips with LEDs, you can solve the problem in one go.
  5. PCB Router:When you come across something that needs to be cut that is curved, you can cut it after programming and drawing on this machine.
  6. Laser PCB Router: If cutting requires high precision or even semiconductor cutting, you can consider this laser cutting machine
PCB Routing Machine

Each of these devices complements the capabilities of the I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator, contributing to a seamless and efficient PCB assembly process.


The I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator is a symbol of precision and efficiency in the world of electronics manufacturing. With features designed to minimize internal stress, enhance separation precision, and ensure minimal pollution, it is a powerful asset to any PCB assembly line.

Investing in the I.C.T-GV330 not only improves the quality of your PCB assembly but also positions your company at the forefront of sustainable and eco-friendly electronics manufacturing.

To explore how the I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator can revolutionize your PCB assembly process, please feel free to contact us and discover the possibilities.

Unlock precision and efficiency with the I.C.T-GV330 Guillotine PCB Separator today!

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