I.C.T-5700 | Automatic PCB board SMT PCBA Router Machine

Automatic PCB board SMT PCBA Router Machine, which has a new CCD system, new vision system can correspond to all kinds of pcb mark.​ with visual counterpoint correction function.



SMT PCBA Router Machine


  • New CCD system,new vision system can correspond to all kinds of pcb mark.with visual counterpoint correction function.
  • The sensor can monitor the milling cutter state in real time, and effectively prevent the continuous operation of the cutter.
  • Using high speed spindle, cutting stress is greatly reduced, precision is high, inertia is small, and response is fast.
  • Lon air gun will remove static electricity on PCB surface and prevent dust from adsorbing on PCB.
  • Dual platform1125*1530*1460mm structure, can deal with different products at the same time, while the dual platform can be combined into a single platform,enhance the flexibility of equipment
  • Adopt CNC special controller,high stability and strong anti-interference.
  • The separated vacuum dust collector adopts high efficiency motor with high suction and low noise.
  • Humanized operation system design, simple operation, flexible.


Tips: What is depanelization PCB?

Depanelization PCB is the process of separating individual PCBs (printed circuit boards) from a larger panel or array of multiple PCBs that have been fabricated on a single panel. The panelization process is commonly used to increase efficiency in PCB manufacturing by allowing multiple PCBs to be produced simultaneously and reducing the amount of material waste. However, once the PCBs are fabricated, they need to be separated from the panel to be used in electronic devices.

The depanelization process can be done in several ways, depending on the PCB design and the manufacturer’s preferences. Some common depanelization techniques include:

  1. Mechanical Routing: This method involves using a specialized tool called a router to cut through the substrate material along the scoring lines that were created during the panelization process.
  2. Laser Cutting: This method uses a laser beam to cut through the substrate material along the scoring lines. Laser cutting is a precise and efficient method, but it can be more expensive than mechanical routing.
  3. V-Scoring: This method involves creating a V-shaped groove along the scoring lines on the PCB panel. The PCB can then be bent along the groove to separate it from the panel.
  4. Tab Routing: This method involves leaving small tabs of substrate material between the PCBs on the panel. The tabs can then be cut with a router or other cutting tool after the PCBs have been assembled.

Depanelization is a critical step in the PCB manufacturing process that requires precision and care to ensure that the PCBs are not damaged during separation. It is important to choose the right depanelization method for the specific PCB design and to work with a reputable PCB manufacturer who has experience with depanelization.

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