I.C.T-LS1200 | PCB Board V Cutting Machine Manual LED Separator

PCB Board V Cutting Machine Manual LED Separator, which has cutting speed is adjustable by knob manually function.



Manual LED Separator

Top Advantage:

  • PCB cutting length is unlimited.
  • Cutting speed is adjustable by knob manually.
  • Limited inner strength, not easy to get crack.
  • Blade edge height is adjustable according to different PCB thickness and V-slot depth.
  • Cutting by circular blades, few dust or residue generates; drive by motor , less pollution.
  • Cutting is not realized by friction, so there won`t be any metal residue.
  • Blade is made in taiwan, the material is the high speed steel from Japan.
  • Host is made by A-alloy and finish in one time,handy,less space occupied.
  • Blade are able to be adjusted accurately, compatible to all PCBs as long as it has V-slot.
  • Professional Machine for LED Boards with 1.2 meter Platform.

Please tell me your inquiry and your company information. If you are interested in a certain machine, please kindly copy the title and model to us. We will contact you soon.

Additional information


I.C.T-LS1200 I.C.T-LS2400


Host 380*290*380mm
Platform 1200*360*190mm

Blade Number

1 Group(Top 1pcs,Bottom 1pcs)

PCB Length


PCB Type

Aluminum Based Board,FR-4,Glass Fibre Board and PCB,LED, etc.

PCB Thickness


Cutting Speed

80, 120, 200, 400mm/S

Components Height


Operation Type


Blade Customization


Power Supply

1 PH AC 220V 50/60Hz (Option:110V to 230V)