Introduction of I.C.T New Solution for Upgrading PCB Double Sided Coating Line

PCB Double Sided Coating Line

Versatility for Diverse Manufacturing Needs

In a groundbreaking move to meet the ever-evolving demands of PCB manufacturing, I.C.T proudly unveils its innovative PCB Double Sided Coating Line, designed to elevate surface coating capabilities for PCBs.

1. Versatility for Diverse Manufacturing Needs:

The introduction of I.C.T’s PCB Double Sided Coating Line addresses the pressing need for comprehensive surface coating and intricate functionalities on both sides of PCBs. This development caters to clients engaged in a wide spectrum of manufacturing applications.

2. Efficient Space Utilization and Impressive Throughput:

Occupying a modest footprint of 17*1.5 meters, the PCB Double Sided Coating Line boasts an impressive throughput. Capable of coating PCBs with dimensions up to 710*500mm, it achieves a notable production speed of approximately 30 to 40 seconds per side. Check more details about conformal coating machine.

3. Comprehensive Equipment Configuration:

Comprising a PCB coating machine, IR curing oven, and coating AOI machine, the PCB Double-Sided Coating Line is complemented by additional components such as two lifting elevators, three conveyors, two inspection conveyors, and one PCB unloader. This holistic approach ensures a seamless and integrated manufacturing process.

4. Adaptable Curing Oven Technology:

The curing furnace employed in the PCB Double Sided Coating Line adapts to the specific characteristics of the adhesive used. Standard three-proof adhesives find compatibility with an IR curing oven. For UV-curable adhesives, clients have the option to switch to a UV curing oven.

5. Flexibility in Board Placement:

With three conveyors at the forefront of the PCB Double Sided Coating Line, clients can choose between manual board placement or the integration of a robotic arm for automated handling. This flexibility accommodates varying production needs.

Features and Advantages of I.C.T’s Innovative Coating Line

Customized Design with Return Track Functionality:

A standout feature of this PCB Double Sided Coating Line is the incorporation of a return track functionality. Each machine is equipped with both upper and lower tracks. The upper track serves as the workspace, while the lower track functions as the return path, efficiently looping back the PCBs to the initial stage for further processing.

Innovations in Equipment Functionality:

The PCB Double Sided Coating Line introduces a scanning capability, setting a new standard for innovation. Through rigorous testing, it has demonstrated the ability to scan QR codes measuring 4.5*4.5mm—dimensions beyond the reach of even Apple smartphones. This scanning capability enables the coating machine to identify the side of the PCB and invoke the corresponding program for precise coating.

Similarly, the lifting elevators at the rear end of the PCB Double Sided Coating Line are equipped with scanning functionality. This allows them to determine the current side of the PCB for further coating or unloading.

Enhanced Quality with Coating AOI Integration:

The introduction of Coating AOI adds a layer of quality assurance to the entire production line, identifying and filtering out non-compliant PCBs. Unlike traditional AOI systems in SMT production lines post-reflow soldering, Coating AOI utilizes a distinct light spectrum, requiring specialized algorithms to assess coating quality and overall board integrity.

Industry Applications and Impact of I.C.T’s Advanced Coating Line

The deployment of I.C.T PCB Double Sided Coating Line reverberates across diverse industries, offering a versatile solution that adapts to the unique characteristics of various products. This innovative technology not only meets but exceeds requirements, especially in environments demanding dust and water resistance.

1. Broad Industry Applications:

The applications of the PCB Double Sided Coating Line extend across a spectrum of electronic production needs. From the power control boards in automobiles, industrial computers, aviation components, and military-grade electronics to everyday electronic consumer goods, the line caters to the diverse needs of these sectors. Each industry benefits from tailored coating solutions that address specific environmental challenges.

2. Impact on Product Lifecycle and Quality:

The significance of coated boards in electronic devices is paramount. Products, such as power-driven boards in automobiles, experience a substantial increase in lifespan when coated. The preventive measures against dust and water contribute to a longer, more reliable product lifecycle. Industries like aviation and military, where reliability is non-negotiable, witness a tangible impact on product quality, ensuring heightened durability and performance.

3. Amplifying Product Quality and Endurance:

Coated boards, being a cornerstone of electronic manufacturing, exhibit a marked increase in overall product quality. The inherent resistance to environmental factors enhances the reliability and longevity of the devices in which they are integrated. The boards, subjected to the advanced coating process, demonstrate a lifespan several times longer than their non-coated counterparts. This directly translates to elevated product quality, aligning with industry standards and consumer expectations.

Unmatched Service Commitment: I.C.T’s Comprehensive Offerings

I.C.T’s commitment to excellence extends beyond technology to encompass a service philosophy that prioritizes safety, global accessibility, and tailored solutions. Explore the diverse offerings that set I.C.T’s services apart.

1. Safety Assurance with CE Certification:

Every device within I.C.T’s coating and SMT production lines boasts a CE safety certificate, instilling confidence in users. The emphasis on safety underscores our dedication to providing reliable and secure solutions for electronic manufacturing.

2. Global Service Experience:

With a service footprint in 75 countries worldwide, I.C.T leverages extensive global experience to tailor its offerings to your location. Voltage configurations for all equipment are customized to align with the local power standards, ensuring seamless integration into your operational setup.

3. Comprehensive Support for New Ventures:

Many of our clients embark on their manufacturing journey from scratch, and we understand the challenges. I.C.T offers comprehensive installation and training support, ensuring a worry-free start for our clients. Whether you are a seasoned manufacturer or a newcomer, our commitment to support remains unwavering.

4. Flexible Production Line Solutions:

I.C.T recognizes that one size does not fit all. Our production line solutions are crafted with flexibility in mind, adapting to your product characteristics, production capacity, budget constraints, and other relevant factors. Each solution is meticulously tailored to meet your unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

I.C.T’s commitment to innovation and addressing industry demands is evident in the introduction of this PCB Double Sided Coating Line. The emphasis on practical solutions underscores our dedication to providing manufacturers with the tools they need to navigate the intricacies of modern PCB production. For inquiries or further information, please contact I.C.T Team

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