I.C.T SN100C Solder Bar: Revolutionizing Electronics Soldering

In a significant collaboration, I.C.T has joined forces with the renowned Japanese company, Nihon Superior, to bring cutting-edge soldering solutions to the global market. Specializing in eco-friendly solder materials, Nihon Superior is recognized for its SN100C solder bar, a high-performance, lead-free solder alloy that has revolutionized electronic manufacturing.

Lead free solder bar

SN100C is a lead-free solder alloy renowned for its exceptional qualities. With a minimal thermal expansion coefficient, it reduces stress during soldering, ensuring precision. Boasting high thermal conductivity at 40 W/m·K, SN100C accelerates heat transfer, enhancing soldering speed and overall quality. Its remarkable reliability makes it a top choice for long-term stability in various electronic applications. What sets SN100C apart is its eco-friendly composition, aligning with global sustainability standards. As a leader in the industry, SN100C is reshaping electronics manufacturing, delivering superior performance and environmental responsibility.

Features of SN100C Solder Bar

1. Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Experience Reduced Stress and Deformation

SN100C sets itself apart with a minimal coefficient of thermal expansion at 17.5 ppm/℃. This feature ensures that stress and deformation during soldering are significantly reduced, providing a more stable and reliable soldering process.

The low coefficient of thermal expansion in SN100C is a game-changer. It not only enhances the quality of our soldering processes but also reflects our commitment to precision and reliability in electronic manufacturing.

2. High Thermal Conductivity

Rapid Heat Dissipation for Improved Soldering

With a thermal conductivity of 40 W/m·K, SN100C outperforms other solder materials by ensuring rapid heat dissipation. This results in improved soldering speed and overall quality, contributing to more efficient manufacturing processes.

The high thermal conductivity of SN100C is a critical factor in our pursuit of efficiency. It enables us to meet stringent production timelines without compromising on the quality of our solder joints.

3. Exceptional Reliability

Long-Term Stability for Diverse Electronic Products

SN100C excels in providing exceptional reliability and long-term stability for solder joints. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of electronic products, ensuring consistent performance under various conditions.

Reliability is at the core of our operations. SN100C’s exceptional reliability aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering electronic products that stand the test of time.

4. Low Copper Corrosion

Minimized Impact on Solder Joint Reliability

SN100C minimizes the impact of copper corrosion on solder joints. This feature enhances the overall reliability of soldering connections, contributing to the longevity and effectiveness of electronic components.

Reducing copper corrosion is not just a technical achievement but a strategic move toward ensuring the sustained reliability of our electronic products, even in challenging environments.

5. Excellent Wetting Properties

Superior Wetting for Enhanced Soldering Quality

With an impressive wetting angle of 30°, SN100C ensures superior wetting properties for solder joints. This characteristic enhances soldering quality and reliability, especially in intricate electronic assemblies.

The excellent wetting properties of SN100C underline our commitment to precision. It’s a key factor in maintaining the high standards we set for the quality of our soldered connections.

6. Superior Heat Fatigue Resistance

Ensuring Long-Term Stability in High-Temperature Environments

SN100C boasts a remarkable heat fatigue life of 10,000 cycles. This feature ensures the long-term stability and reliability of solder joints, particularly in applications exposed to high temperatures.

In industries where heat fatigue is a constant challenge, SN100C’s superior resistance becomes a strategic advantage. It positions our products as reliable solutions in demanding environments.

7. Environmentally Friendly Lead-Free Solder

Aligned with Environmental Requirements

SN100C is an environmentally friendly lead-free solder, free from harmful substances like lead. This aligns with global environmental requirements and showcases a commitment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.

Being environmentally conscious is not just a responsibility but a part of our identity. SN100C’s lead-free composition reflects our dedication to eco-friendly practices in electronic manufacturing.

feature of solder bar SN100C

Quote to us

SN100C solder bar represents a pinnacle in soldering technology, providing unmatched reliability and performance for diverse electronic applications. I.C.T continues to offer this cutting-edge product, ensuring the future of efficient and sustainable soldering solutions. For inquiries and to explore the limitless possibilities SN100C offers, contact us today.

Products utilizing this solder bar include wave soldering machine and selective wave soldering machine. I.C.T also offers comprehensive SMT assembly line services. If you are considering establishing a new facility or upgrading your existing SMT equipment, kindly share your requirements in the form below. We commit to reaching out to you within 2 hours to discuss your needs promptly.

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