I.C.T-IR3 | PCBA IR Curing Oven

The Coating IR Oven, an economical curing oven meticulously crafted by I.C.T, takes the forefront in addressing glue curing and anti-corrosion paint drying applications with exceptional efficiency. Choose based on your specific requirements or Contact Us directly!

IR Oven: I.C.T-IR3   |   I.C.T-IR4

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I.C.T-IR3 | PCBA IR Curing Oven

The I.C.T IR Curing Oven offers a cost-effective solution for glue curing and anti-corrosion paint drying. Renowned for its efficiency and quality, the Car Coating IR Oven is designed to excel in a variety of applications requiring precise heat treatment.

Top Advantages of IR Curing Oven

1. Advanced Control System:

  • The IR Curing Oven features a PLC+touch screen or PC control system, ensuring the machine operates steadily and is easily programmable for consistent results.

2. Exceptional IR Heating:

  • Equipped with top zones IR heating, the IR Curing Oven provides excellent heater compensation, high thermal efficiency, energy savings, and speedy heating. It boasts exceptional temperature accuracy at ±5℃ with a room temperature settling time of less than 20 minutes.

3. Precision Temperature Management:

  • The IR Curing Oven‘s PID intelligent precision controller automatically adjusts heating volume. With a fuzzy control function, it quickly adapts to changes in external heating factors while maintaining a more balanced internal temperature.

4. Reliable Solid Relay:

  • Utilizing an imported big current solid relay, the IR Curing Oven ensures touch point-free output for safe and reliable operation, complemented by a special SSR radiator to enhance thermal efficiency and prolong the machine’s life.

5. Comprehensive Safety Features:

  • I.C.T’s IR Curing Oven includes third-party over-temperature protection and multiple layers of safety measures to guarantee safe operation.

6. Industry Compliance:

  • The IR Curing Oven meets CE, CCC, UL, and other pertinent standards or specifications, highlighting its quality and safety.

7. Dedicated Cooling Area:

  • An independent cooling area within the IR Curing Oven ensures that PCBs are at a low temperature upon exit.

8. Smooth Transmission System:

  • The Coating IR Oven’s transmission system features imported motors and speed adjusters for smooth operation, with an adjustable speed range from 100 to 3000mm/min.

9. Distinct Zone Temperatures:

  • I.C.T’s design ensures that the temperature from each zone of the Coating IR Oven is not affected by adjacent zones, resulting in an accurate temperature curve and high adaptability.

10. Safety-Enhanced Zero Gas Source Design:

  • The zero gas source design of the Coating IR Oven, along with the motorized lift for the furnace cover and the safety rod support, offers significant security.

Specification of IR Curing Oven

  • Max PCBA Height: ±100mm
  • Max Width of PCBA: 460mm
  • Transport: Rail
  • Transport High: 900±20mm
  • Heating Mode: IR (Hot air option)
  • Number of Heating Zones: Up3/Bottom 0 (Bottom Heating Option)
  • Length of Heating Zones: 2500mm
  • Warming Time: Approx. 15minute
  • Control System: Touch screen+PLC
  • Electric Supply: 3phase, 380V, 50/ 60Hz
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 3000*1150*1200mm
  • Weight: Approx. 650KG

Please Contact Us directly for more specifications of the IR Curing Oven

Enhancing SMT Assembly Efficiency: Essential Equipment and Expert Support

The IR Curing Oven stands as a crucial element within the PCBA Coating Line, working hand in hand with other vital machinery like the PCB Coating Loader, PCB Coating Conveyor, and more.If these components seem unfamiliar, our dedicated team of I.C.T. engineers is readily available to offer their SMT expertise. Additionally, explore our extensive portfolio of case studies, highlighting successful client services. All our equipment proudly carries CE certification, ensuring compliance with rigorous European safety standards.
SMT Stencil Printer in SMT Machine LineFeel free to reach out for any inquiries or specific requirements – we’re here to help. Our aim is to establish clear and efficient communication while offering prompt assistance. Whether you seek guidance or equipment, the I.C.T team is dedicated to promptly meeting your needs. At I.C.T, we are committed to ensuring a seamless and efficient SMT assembly process for our valued clients.

Additional information


I.C.T-IR3 / I.C.T-IR4



Control System

Touch screen+PLC

Heating Mode

IR(Hot air Optional)

Conveyor Speed


Number Of Heating Zones

Up3 / Bottom0 / Up4 / Bottom0

Bottom Heating


Length Of Heating Zones

2200mm / 2800mm

Number of Cooling Zones


Warming Time

Approx.20 minute

Power For Warm Up

15Kw / 18Kw

Power Consumption

6Kw / 8Kw

Temperature Deviation

± 1.5℃

Dimension (L*W*H)mm

3000x950x1400 / 4000x1080x1400


Approx.550KG / Approx.850KG