Do you need a PCBA coating return line with a retransmission function?

Choosing the right equipment for your PCBA coating process can be a complex decision, especially when you’re seeking efficient solutions for your production needs. In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential components of an advanced PCBA coating return line, offering a visual insight into its capabilities. This line addresses common pain points and can significantly enhance your coating process.

PCBA Coating Return Line 01

Components of an Advanced PCBA Coating Return Line:

A streamlined PCBA coating return line comprises the following key components: an elevator, transfer stations, coating machine, inspection transfer stations, curing oven, additional transfer stations, and a second elevator. The accompanying image provides a visual reference. What’s not immediately visible in the image is the conveyor return system located below the line, designed with a chain-driven mechanism. This system efficiently transports PCBs from the bottom of the last elevator to the front, allowing a single operator to manage board placement and retrieval at the first transfer station. The close proximity of the coating machine to this station simplifies adjustments and maintenance, enhancing operational efficiency.

Complex PCBA Coating Lines for Dual-Sided Boards:

For more intricate applications, such as double-sided PCB coating, the PCBA coating return line incorporates two sets of coating machines and curing ovens. The return functionality remains unchanged. At the end of the line, there are dual elevators to facilitate easy PCB transfer. We offer two methods for implementing the chain-driven conveyor return: one, as demonstrated in the video, places a return line beneath the equipment; the other involves creating hollow spaces under each device, directly integrating the return mechanism.

Adherence to European Safety Standards and CE Certification:

Ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality, all equipment in this PCBA coating return line complies with European safety standards and holds CE certification. These certifications guarantee adherence to rigorous safety, health, and environmental protection regulations.

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In the dynamic landscape of PCB and PCBA manufacturing, our advanced PCBA coating return line offers an adaptable and reliable solution. Its dual-sided coating capabilities, compliance with European safety standards, and CE certification ensure you are equipped to meet even the most demanding requirements. Discover our range of equipment and accessories to elevate your PCBA coating process. Whether your focus is on single-sided or double-sided PCBs, we’ve got you covered.

Inquiry about Customized Services:

Should your specific project demand a tailor-made PCBA coating line, I.C.T team of experienced engineers is at your service. We offer professional design services to create a coating line perfectly aligned with your unique requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out; we’re here to turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today to discuss your custom PCBA coating line design needs

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