I.C.T Conformal Coating Line Empowering New Energy Automotive Manufacturing In Mexico

I.C.T Conformal Coating Line with Return Function in Mexico

In the dynamic landscape of electronics manufacturing, SMT applications stand as pivotal. I.C.T, a renowned leader in this domain, continually pioneers innovative solutions, including conformal coating lines, for its global clientele. This article delves into I.C.T pivotal role in bolstering a new energy automotive manufacturer in Mexico through the installation and technical guidance on a conformal coating line.

Conformal Coating Line Technical Support

Recently, a Mexican client of I.C.T purchased a brand-new conformal coating line. To ensure the client could fully utilize this advanced equipment and smoothly integrate it into their production process, our SMT engineer Andy traveled to Mexico in April to provide comprehensive technical support services.

Andy addressed various technical issues that the client might encounter during operation, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment and maximizing production efficiency. This technical support not only enhanced the client’s confidence in our products but also further solidified the cooperative relationship between I.C.T and the customer.

Conformal Coating Line Technical Support Process and Background

In April 2024, I.C.T dispatched seasoned engineer Andy to Mexico to provide comprehensive technical support for a customer’s newly acquired PCBA conformal coating line. Andy’s mission encompassed several key tasks:

Equipment Installation and Calibration

Ensuring the precise installation and calibration of all equipment within the conformal coating line.

Operator Training

Providing thorough training to the customer’s engineers on the safe and efficient operation of the conformal coating line.

Maintenance Guidance

Equipping the customer’s team with the knowledge and skills necessary for proper equipment maintenance, minimizing downtime, and ensuring optimal performance.

Through these efforts, Andy ensured the seamless integration of the conformal coating line into the customer’s production process and laid the foundation for optimal performance.

Customer Business Overview

The Mexican client specializes in contract manufacturing, producing a variety of electronic products. Their core business includes:

  • Servers
  • Computer Motherboards
  • Components for New Energy Vehicles:
    • Power Boards
    • Battery Interconnect Boards
    • Control Panels

Their growing involvement in the new energy vehicle sector necessitated a reliable solution for protecting these critical electronic components. They sought PCBA coating production line, specifically a conformal coating line, from I.C.T to enhance the durability and reliability of their products in harsh environments.

Introduction to the I.C.T Conformal Coating Line

The conformal coating line equipment purchased by the Mexican client from I.C.T boasts a range of advanced features, designed to deliver precise, efficient, and high-quality coating applications. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

I.C.T-T650 PCBA Conformal Coating Machine

This machine offers exceptional precision and efficiency in applying the conformal coating material.

I.C.T-AI-5146C Online Coating AOI

This integrated system ensures accurate quality control by meticulously inspecting the coated surfaces for any defects.

I.C.T-IR3 IRCuring Oven

This oven provides rapid and uniform curing of the applied conformal coating, guaranteeing optimal adhesion and long-lasting protection for the electronic components.

In addition to these core components, the conformal coating line also includes a range of complementary peripheral devices. Together, these seamlessly integrated components form a complete and efficient coating solution for the client’s production needs.

I.C.T Conformal Coating Line with Return Function in Mexico

Achievements and Impacts of Technical Support

The successful installation and commissioning of the conformal coating line equipment, coupled with the effective training provided by Andy, has had a significant impact on the client’s production process and product quality. Here are some of the key achievements:

  • Increased Production Efficiency and Throughput: The high-performance conformal coating line has significantly improved the client’s production capacity, allowing them to manufacture products faster and meet growing demands.
  • Reduced Coating Defects: The precise application and automated inspection capabilities of the line have minimized coating defects, leading to higher-quality products.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Competitiveness: The improved production efficiency and product quality have resulted in increased customer satisfaction and a stronger competitive edge for the client in the market.
  • Empowered Workforce: The training provided by Andy has equipped the client’s engineers with the skills and knowledge to operate and maintain the conformal coating line independently. This reduces reliance on external support and minimizes downtime, further enhancing overall operational efficiency.

By leveraging I.C.T’s expertise in conformal coating line solutions and technical support, the Mexican client has successfully streamlined their production process and elevated the quality of their new energy automotive components.

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