How to design a SMT conformal coating line for your double-sided PCBA?

In the intricate world of electronics manufacturing, the choice of the perfect SMT conformal coating line can feel like a daunting quest. Finding a solution that seamlessly combines efficiency, reliability, and performance is the ultimate goal. In this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of a standard SMT conformal coating line, using a captivating visual guide as our compass.

SMT conformal coating line for double sides PCBA

The Symphony of Components in an SMT Conformal Coating Line:

Picture a finely orchestrated symphony, with each instrument playing a unique role in this PCB coating process. The star performers in this lineup include:

  • Transfer Conveyor: These act as the stage where the PCB’s journey begins. Think of them as the entry and exit points for your precious boards, allowing a smooth, choreographed dance through the line.
  • 1st Coating Machine: As the first movement in this musical journey, this machine, partnered with the initial curing station, lays down the foundation – applying adhesive to one side of the PCB.
  • Inspection Conveyor: After the initial curing, our inspectors take center stage, using these transfer stations to carefully evaluate the coating’s quality.
  • 1st Curing Oven: This is where the magic happens. The first curing oven solidifies the adhesive applied in the previous act, setting the tone for a flawless performance.
  • Flipper Machine: The flipper machine takes the spotlight, gracefully turning the PCB to reveal its other side, ensuring both faces receive their share of adhesion.
  • 2nd Coating Machine: With a newfound perspective, the second coating machine takes the stage, applying adhesive to the reverse side of the PCB.
  • 2nd Curing Oven: The grand finale! The second curing oven brings our symphony to a breathtaking close, solidifying the adhesive applied in the second act, creating a harmonious, dual-sided masterpiece.

Efficiency Meets Dual-Side Coating:

This SMT conformal coating line is like a well-choreographed ballet that requires at least two dancers. One stands at the front, carefully loading PCBs onto the stage, guiding them through the first act. After the flip, the second dancer carries them through the second act, with both sides perfectly coated, ensuring a flawless performance for applications requiring dual-sided adhesion.

UV Curing Oven for Illuminating Results:

For applications that embrace UV-curable adhesives, our line includes UV curing ovens, adding a layer of brilliance to the process and ensuring an efficient solidification of adhesives.

Transfer Stations with a Touch of Magic:

Within this symphony, the transfer stations wear a touch of magic – the second and fourth stations feature enchanting blue glass covers illuminated by embedded LED lights. These stations offer operators a clear view of the adhesive quality, allowing for meticulous inspections. The blue glass covers also act as protective shields, guarding freshly coated PCBs from the ever-present dust fairies.

Certified Excellence: European Standards and CE Certification:

Ensuring that our performance meets the highest standards, our entire ensemble adheres to stringent European safety standards and proudly boasts CE certification, a testament to compliance with safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

A Variety of Coating Machines for Your Unique Needs:

Our lineup doesn’t just feature one star, but an ensemble of coating machines, including models like I.C.T-T550, I.C.T-T550U, I.C.T-T600, and I.C.T-T650. For an encore performance with detailed specifications of each model, please refer to our dedicated article. Additionally, for a captivating exploration of the right coating valve for your adhesive, please visit our comprehensive guide.

Single-Sided PCB Coating:

For those who prefer a single board, our dedicated article on single-sided PCB coating is a spotlight on this specialized process.

In the dynamic world of electronics manufacturing, our SMT conformal coating line stands as a versatile and reliable performance. With dual-sided coating capabilities, adherence to European safety standards, and CE certification, we offer a comprehensive platform for your coating needs. Join us in this symphony and explore our range of coating machines and accessories to enhance your conformal coating process. It’s a performance that promises to leave you in awe!

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