Enhancing SMT PCB Coating machine with I.C.T-T550: A Step into Industry 4.0

In the context of intelligent manufacturing and the Industry 4.0 landscape, I.C.T introduces the I.C.T-T550 SMT PCB coating machine, a notable addition. This advanced equipment has been meticulously designed to cater to the evolving requirements of contemporary manufacturing facilities. It brings with it a range of features that enhance productivity while maintaining a focus on precise and consistent coating quality. We’ll take a closer look at the essential qualities that establish the I.C.T-T550 as an integral part of your production process.

I.C.T-T550 SMT PCB Coating Machine main

1. Optimizing Coating Precision with SMT PCB Coating Machine Automation

The I.C.T-T550 integrates an automated pressure regulation system for the dispensing valve and pressure tank, both equipped with precision regulators and digital pressure gauges. This level of precision ensures that your coating process maintains consistency.

2. Front-End Accessibility for Efficiency

Power supply and air pressure adjustments are conveniently positioned at the front end of the equipment for straightforward and immediate control. This user-friendly design enhances the efficiency of your operators’ workflow.


3. Durable Material Transport

The open-material transport rail undergoes hardening treatment and utilizes a specialized stainless steel chain drive with stainless steel wear-resistant strips. This not only extends the lifespan of the rail but also ensures reliable material transport.

4. Track Width Adjustment

Track width adjustment is achieved through a synchronous belt drive mechanism, guaranteeing prolonged and trouble-free operation.

5. CNC Machined Frame for Precision

The machine’s frame, subjected to CNC machining, features an independent, all-steel gantry frame, ensuring the parallel alignment of tracks and axes.

6. Enhanced Workshop Environment

To maintain a cleaner and safer workspace, the equipment features air curtains at the track entrance and exit, preventing fumes from escaping. It also includes a dedicated exhaust outlet to improve overall workshop air quality.

7. Intuitive Programming and Visualization

With the I.C.T-T550, you have the flexibility to edit coating paths intuitively through programming. The equipment employs a teach mode for programming, offering a visual interface for coating path design.

8. User-Friendly Interface

The I.C.T-T550 features a user-friendly interface with fault alerts and menu displays, delivering a sleek and practical design.

9. Streamlined Repetition and Data Management

Efficiency is paramount, and the I.C.T-T550 offers the ability to mirror, array, and replicate coating paths, simplifying the process, especially when working with multiple boards.

10. Real-Time Data Monitoring

The equipment automatically collects and displays data, including production volume, individual product work times, and more, allowing you to keep track of your production performance.

11. Smart Adhesive Management

The I.C.T-T550 intelligently monitors remaining adhesive levels and provides automatic alerts when replenishment is needed, ensuring uninterrupted coating.

In summary, the I.C.T-T550 SMT PCB coating machine combines precision, automation, and smart features to meet the demands of Industry 4.0. With seamless integration into MES systems, it offers a reliable and efficient solution for elevating your PCB coating processes.

I.C.T-T550’s coating machine adheres to European safety standards and proudly carries the CE certification. If you have any further inquiries or require information about additional safety standards, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your safety and compliance are our top priorities.

Whether you aim to achieve optimal coating quality or enhance your factory’s productivity, the I.C.T-T550 is a step into the future of intelligent manufacturing. If you wish to explore a variety of coating valves or require further guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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