How do you handle PCBs in SMT PCB Assembly Line?

SMT Production line is also called PCB Assembly Line. Surface mount Technology ( SMT for short) is a new electronic assembly technology.

A complete SMT production line consists of four main equipments ( Solder Paster PrinterSMT Placement MachinePCB Reflow Oven ), three kinds of testing equipments ( AOI, SPI, AXI )and many kinds of handling equipments.

PCB Handling machine is used to connect-up all these processes in a production line to avoid manual handling of the PCB’s and achieving a highest possible  throughput of the line. It`s the key to smooth running of SMT production line. From the loader and destacker to other PCB conveyors like the PCB buffer, pass and fail sorters, flip and unloader.

With mass production, there are have High-end PCB handling machines with PLC control, you can set the track width required by PCB board of different sizes on the computer in advance. When PCB board is fed, the track width of handling equipment on the whole production line can be adjusted with one key, it can increases production and significantly reduces costs.

As an PCB assembler regardless of size, can realize benefits while maximizing the automation capabilities of its inline equipment. 

Now let`s to see our PCB handling Machine:

Conveyor Series

Find the right PCB conveyor that will give you perfect PCB board handling.

Loader & Unloader Series

Loader, unloader and destack PCB’s from your assembly line is the first and last conveyor in the SMT production line.

Buffer Stacker Series

Do not miss a PCB buffer in your assembly line as it will help to ensure that your SMT PCB assembly line is running smoothly.

Traffic Controller Series

All PCB traffic control conveyors with flip and turn units give assembly line perfect board handling.

PCB Handling Machine Multiple Solutions

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For you we can provide Full SMT SolutionDIP Solution and Coating Solution with best quality and service.

If you don’t find the right machines you are looking for above, please contact us There will be more PCB handling machines for you to choose.

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