I.C.T-5700 VS I.C.T-IR350: How to choose Automatic PCB Separators?

When it comes to precision and efficiency in PCB separation, two standout contenders have emerged in the market: the I.C.T-5700 and the I.C.T-IR350. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll break down the key features and capabilities of these automatic PCB separators, empowering you to make an informed choice for your manufacturing needs.

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Off-line vS On-line automatic PCB separator Operation

The I.C.T-5700, an off-line PCB separator, requires manual operation, making it an excellent choice for applications where human intervention is readily available. On the other hand, the I.C.T-IR350 is an on-line PCB separator, designed for continuous operation without the need for constant manual control. However, it pairs with a Placement machine for seamless operation.

Precision Prowess

When it comes to precision, the I.C.T-5700 boasts an impressive ±0.05mm accuracy. The I.C.T-IR350 automatic PCB separator, while highly accurate at ±0.08mm, slightly trails behind in this category. If precision is your top priority, the I.C.T-5700 might be the preferred choice.

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Rotational Speed: Efficiency Matters

In the race for efficiency, the I.C.T-IR350 takes the lead with a maximum rotational speed of 80000rpm. In comparison, the I.C.T-5700 offers a slightly lower maximum speed of 60000rpm. The faster rotational speed of the I.C.T-IR350 translates to higher cutting efficiency.

PCB Size Matters

Consider your PCB size requirements carefully. The I.C.T-IR350 is limited to PCBs with a maximum size of 300*350mm. In contrast, the I.C.T-5700 automatic PCB separator provides greater flexibility with three models to choose from:

  • I.C.T-5700M accommodates PCBs up to 290*350mm.
  • I.C.T-5700L supports larger PCBs, up to 350*450mm.
  • I.C.T-5700LL caters to the largest PCBs, measuring up to 450*500mm.
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Versatile Platforms for Large PCBs

Both the I.C.T-5700 and I.C.T-IR350 automatic PCB separator feature two platforms and a milling cutter. If you’re dealing with exceptionally large PCBs that exceed the maximum size, the I.C.T-5700 offers a unique advantage. It allows the merging of two platforms into one, enhancing operational flexibility.

Budget Considerations

Cost-effectiveness is a significant factor. If you’re working within budget constraints, the I.C.T-5700 generally offers a more cost-effective solution, making it an appealing choice for various industries.

Industry Applications

While both machines serve various industries, the I.C.T-IR350 is frequently employed in smartphone production lines due to its online operation capabilities. The I.C.T-5700’s versatility makes it suitable for a broader range of applications.

Your Precision, Your Choice

The choice between the I.C.T-5700 and I.C.T-IR350 comes down to your specific needs and priorities. For superior precision, consider the I.C.T-5700. If efficiency and flexibility are paramount, the I.C.T-IR350 is your ideal companion. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and discover which automatic PCB separator aligns with your manufacturing objectives. Make the choice that empowers your PCB production.

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