Maximizing Efficiency: The High Speed SMT Line with Laser Depanelizer

In today’s fast-paced electronics manufacturing industry, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and precision are more critical than ever. For businesses involved in producing industrial control boards, computer motherboards, mobile phone motherboards, and mining machine boards, the quest to optimize production lines is a constant challenge. The acquisition of costly equipment can strain budgets, and assembling an efficient, cost-effective high speed SMT line often feels like an elusive goal. But what if we told you that there’s a solution that combines all these elements into a single, high-performance, and cost-effective, and high speed SMT line? Let’s dive into the details.

High Speed SMT Line with Laser Depanelizer

A Comprehensive High Speed SMT Line

Our innovative solution combines two pivotal components: a state-of-the-art SMT (Surface Mount Technology) production line and a laser cutting line with a depanelizer.

The SMT Production Line

The high speed SMT line boasts an array of essential components, each playing a unique role in the manufacturing process:

PCB Loader:

The journey begins here, where boards are carefully loaded onto the production line. Our Board Loader is designed with safety in mind, incorporating various safety light curtains and sensors to ensure that any improper operation triggers immediate halts and alerts.

Laser Marking Machine:

Each PCB receives a unique two-dimensional code or barcode. This crucial step enables full traceability of each board. However, the high-temperature laser process can create dust on the PCB surface, which is swiftly addressed by our dedicated PCB Surface Cleaner.

SMT Solder Paste Printer:

This stage applies solder paste to the boards, a fundamental step in the manufacturing process.

SPI (Solder Paste Inspection):

The SPI conducts meticulous inspections. When a board passes inspection, it proceeds through the NG (No Good) Buffer Conveyor to the module mounters. In the case of a “No Good” result, the PCB is stored in the NG Buffer Conveyor, which has a capacity for up to 25 PCBs. Operators can retrieve these NG boards for rework after removing the solder paste using our specialized PCB Mis Cleaner.

Module Mounters:

These machines excel at attaching small and delicate components. The module mounting process requires precision and expertise.

Standard Pick and Place Machines:

The selection of these machines depends on your specific BOM (Bill of Materials) list.

Pre-Reflow AOI (Automated Optical Inspection):

The boards pass through this stage for an examination of component quality. Any issues detected prompt the Sorting Conveyor to separate the boards for rework.

Reflow Oven:

The boards undergo reflow soldering. We recommend our Lyra series reflow ovens for their excellent features, including nitrogen capability, flux recycling, and water cooling funtion, which guarantee impeccable soldering results.

Post-Reflow AOI:

This stage focuses on examining soldering quality. Any defects discovered result in the Sorting Conveyor separating the boards for further inspection or rework. If any defects are detected, they are efficiently addressed with BGA rework station, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Laser Depanelizer:

The PCBs then advance to the laser depanelizer, where precision laser cutting, often utilizing green light for optimal results, ensures smoke-free, highly accurate separation of the boards.

PCB Placement Machine:

The cut boards are subsequently managed by the PCB Placement Machine, arranging them as required.

With this, all high speed SMT line processes are concluded.

Efficiency and Output

When producing motherboards with approximately 3000 electronic components, this production line demonstrates exceptional productivity, with the potential to assemble up to 180 boards within a single hour. This efficiency not only boosts output but also ensures cost-effectiveness and precision in your manufacturing process.

At I.C.T, we specialize in creating customized SMT production line solutions that align with your product and specific needs. I.C.T equipment meet European safety standards, and the equipment holds CE certificates. For any inquiries or to explore our outstanding post-sales support, don’t hesitate to contact us. I.C.T team here to take your electronics manufacturing to new heights of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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