I.C.T-IR350 Inline PCB Cutting Machine: upgrades your PCBA High accuracy

In the ever-evolving landscape of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. Introducing the I.C.T-IR350 Inline PCB Cutting Machine, a groundbreaking device designed to redefine industry standards. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the core features, technology, and advantages that set the I.C.T-IR350 apart.

inline PCB cutting machine ir350

A Glimpse into the I.C.T-IR350: Transforming SMT Production Lines

The I.C.T-IR350 Inline PCB Cutting Machine represents a significant shift in the PCB manufacturing process. Unlike its offline counterpart, the I.C.T-5700, it operates seamlessly within your production line, eliminating the need for manual PCB placement and retrieval. Comprising two critical components, the PCB Routing machine and a dedicated dust collector, the I.C.T-IR350’s mission is to keep your PCBs pristine post-cutting. Additionally, it integrates with a placement machine to ensure a smooth transition to the next phase of production.

Precision Redefined

The I.C.T-IR350 boasts remarkable precision, making it ideal for applications like cutting PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies) for smartphones. With a repeat precision of ±0.01mm and a cut precision of ±0.08mm, this machine sets new standards for accuracy in PCB manufacturing.

Quality Components for Unmatched Performance

At the heart of the I.C.T-IR350’s exceptional performance are internationally renowned components, including Panasonic’s high-precision servo motors, Mintron’s CCD from Taiwan, and IGUS’s Tank Chain from Germany. These top-tier components ensure reliability and precision.

Key Features That Set the I.C.T-IR350 Apart

The I.C.T-IR350 Inline PCB Cutting Machine is laden with features that redefine efficiency and precision in PCB manufacturing:

1. Advanced CCD System for Unrivaled Vision Precision

The advanced CCD system and vision technology of the I.C.T-IR350 can adapt to various PCB marks and provide visual counterpoint correction, ensuring each cut is made with meticulous precision.

2. Real-Time Cutter Monitoring for Prolonged Lifespan

A state-of-the-art sensor monitors the milling cutter’s condition in real time, effectively preventing continuous cutter operation and extending the machine’s lifespan and reliability.

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3. High-Speed Spindle for Precision and Speed

The use of a high-speed spindle significantly reduces cutting stress, resulting in unparalleled precision, low inertia, and lightning-fast response times, optimizing efficiency while maintaining high accuracy.

4. Static Electricity Prevention for Pristine PCBs

To ensure a pristine final product, an ion air gun is employed to eliminate static electricity on the PCB surface, preventing dust from adhering to the PCB.

5. Full Automation for Enhanced Efficiency

The I.C.T-IR350’s automation capabilities include automatic loading, picking and placing, cutting, and unloading of PCBAs. An unloading solution is also available as an option.

inline PCB cutting machine ir350 details 02

6. CNC Special Controller for Stability

The I.C.T-IR350 is equipped with a specialized CNC controller that delivers high stability and strong anti-interference capabilities.

7. Efficient Dust Collection with Low Noise

The vacuum dust collector utilizes a high-efficiency motor with powerful suction capabilities, ensuring that dust and debris are efficiently removed with minimal noise.

8. Achieving Automation and Quality Improvement

Realize full automation, reducing the need for manual labor and enhancing the quality of your products.

9. Streamlining Workflow and Data Management

Automatic storage of product information, automatic adjustment of conveyor width, and faster line change speeds improve the overall workflow and data management efficiency.

inline PCB cutting machine ir350 details 02

10. Precision Splint Function

The loadering PCBA’s automatic splint function replaces traditional cylinders, offering greater accuracy.

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11. Dual Working Platform for Efficiency

The I.C.T-IR350 features dual working platforms, enhancing cutting efficiency.

12. Simultaneous Cutting and Movement

This innovative machine enables PCBA cutting and movement simultaneously, further boosting productivity.

13. Seamless Integration with MES and ERP

Standard MES or ERP connection ports enable real-time data connection to central databases, streamlining information management.

14. Optional Barcode Camera

An optional barcode camera can automatically scan barcodes and upload the data, enhancing traceability and quality control.

In conclusion, the I.C.T-IR350 Inline PCB Cutting Machine represents a revolutionary leap in PCB manufacturing technology. Its advanced features, top-quality components, and a commitment to precision make it an indispensable tool for manufacturers seeking to elevate their production processes.

Ready to transform your PCB manufacturing process with the I.C.T-IR350 Inline PCB Cutting Machine? Contact us today to explore the possibilities and how this innovative solution can enhance your production efficiency. Don’t miss the opportunity to redefine precision and productivity in your PCB manufacturing.

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