Revolutionizing Coating Lines with I.C.T-U2 Vertical Curing Oven

Elevate your coating processes to new heights with the I.C.T-U2 Vertical Curing Oven, a cutting-edge solution designed for precision and efficiency in coating lines. As a flagship product of I.C.T, the I.C.T-U2 is at the forefront of innovation, specifically tailored for use in coating machines and positioned seamlessly behind the coating unit. This state-of-the-art oven is engineered to complement light-curable adhesives, offering unparalleled performance in UV curing applications.

Vertical Curing Oven

Vertical Curing Oven (I.C.T-U2): Unveiling Innovative Features

Unlocking a new era of precision and efficiency, the Vertical Curing Oven by I.C.T-U2 stands out with a myriad of advanced features tailored for optimal UV curing processes.

Control System Excellence:

Equipped with either instrument controls or a PLC + touchscreen control system, ensuring a stable and seamless operation of the machine. User-friendly interfaces empower operators for efficient control.

Extended UV Lamp Lifespan:

Boasting an impressive UV lamp lifespan of 1000-1200 hours, the system offers prolonged usage. Its high energy and exceptional penetration capabilities surpass traditional lamps, supported by an abnormal lamp protection device.

Focused Design with High-Light Reflector Lamp Shade:

Precision is at the forefront with a focused design complemented by an imported high-light reflector lamp shade. This combination facilitates instant drying, ensuring a rapid and efficient curing process.

Independent Cooling Zone:

Featuring an independent cooling zone, the oven ensures that PCBs exit at a low temperature, preventing potential damage due to high temperatures.

Advanced Transmission System:

Utilizing imported motors and a speed adjuster, the advanced transmission system ensures smooth operation, enhancing the overall stability of the curing process.

Stainless Steel Chain Transportation:

The stainless steel chain transportation system, with adjustable width, ensures stability and allows for speed adjustments to meet diverse production demands.

In and Out Board Detection:

The equipment is equipped with in and out board detection functionality, providing real-time monitoring of board quantity and transportation within the system.

Individual Control of UV Lamp Groups:

Each group of UV lamps can be controlled individually, offering adjustable height settings. The flexibility to adjust the distance between the lamp and PCBA allows for customization to meet specific process requirements.

Fully Enclosed Framework:

The fully enclosed machine frame ensures a clean, quiet operation, eliminating UV light leakage. Operating in a controlled environment enhances the safety and precision of the curing process.

CE Certification Support:

Upholding top-tier safety standards, the Vertical Curing Oven is backed by CE certification, ensuring compliance with European safety regulations.

Minimal Maintenance and User-Friendly Operation:

Engineered with a robust structure, the Vertical Curing Oven demands minimal maintenance. Its user-friendly design facilitates easy operation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for operators.

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