I.C.T-GP800 | Online Glue Potting Machine

Revolutionize your Online Glue Potting process with the I.C.T Online Glue Potting Machine, a cutting-edge solution designed for simplicity, efficiency, and unmatched performance. Choose based on your specific requirements or Contact Us directly!

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I.C.T-GP800 | Online Glue Potting Machine

Experience a new era of potting efficiency with our Online Glue Potting Machine, a revolutionary solution designed to streamline your production line and elevate quality standards. This fully automated machine seamlessly integrates vacuumizing and automatic curing processes, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring consistent, high-quality potting results.

Top Advantages of Automatic Glue Potting Machine

  1. Intuitive Touch Operation Interface:
    • User-friendly touch operation interface simplifies learning and understanding, reducing training time and ensuring ease of use.
  2. Extensive Glue Filling Parameter Storage:
    • Store up to 2500 groups of glue filling parameters, eliminating the need to reprogram for repetitive potting tasks, saving time and increasing productivity.
  3. Precise Glue Dispensing Control:
    • Set glue dispensing speed and time with precision, ensuring consistent glue output and preventing glue leakage, resulting in reduced material waste and improved product quality.
  4. Significant Labor Savings:
    • Automate the entire potting process, reducing labor requirements and increasing efficiency. One Online Glue Potting Machine can achieve the output of 5-6 traditional manual potting stations, optimizing labor allocation and reducing production costs.
  5. Optimized Glue Utilization:
    • Implement glue filling while mixing to minimize glue usage and maximize cost savings. This efficient mixing process ensures the optimal use of glue, reducing waste and enhancing production profitability.
  6. Double Barrel Design for Glue Integrity:
    • Separate storage of A glue and B glue in double barrels prevents solidification over time, ensuring the consistent quality and integrity of the glue mixture.
  7. Uniform Mixing Ratio:
    • Achieve a precise 1:1 mixing ratio with dynamic and static mixing methods, ensuring uniform and sufficient mixing for optimal potting results.
  8. Reliable Control System:
    • Our unique control system is impervious to air pressure fluctuations, eliminating uneven glue application, wire drawing, and bubble formation, resulting in flawless potting outcomes.
  9. Multi-Head Glue Option for Increased Efficiency:
    • Equip the machine with multiple glue heads to effectively improve production throughput and efficiency, catering to high-volume potting requirements.
  10. Versatile Process Integration:
    • Optional glue mixing, heating, and vacuum defoaming functions can be integrated to accommodate various potting processes and materials, ensuring adaptability to diverse production needs.
  11. Automatic Material Replenishment:
    • The storage barrel’s liquid level sensing switch triggers an automatic audible and visual alarm when material levels are low, preventing production downtime and ensuring a continuous potting operation.
  12. Effortless Cleaning Function:
    • Utilize the standard automatic cleaning function for quick and easy maintenance, minimizing downtime and keeping the machine operating at peak performance.
  13. Rubber Outlet Pressure Detection:
    • The rubber outlet pressure detection feature effectively prevents ratio changes caused by rubber path blockage, maintaining consistent glue properties and ensuring potting accuracy.
  14. High-Precision Metering Pump:
    • Employ a high viscosity screw pump for precise metering output, delivering high glue delivery precision and extending the service life of the metering pump, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
  15. Anti-Curing Function for Glue Freshness:
    • The anti-curing function effectively prevents glue from curing in the mixing pipe, ensuring the consistent quality and performance of the glue, minimizing material waste and rework.
  16. Flexible Three-Axis Manipulator:
    • The glue filling head is operated by a three-axis manipulator, providing flexibility and convenience in positioning, enabling precise glue application and accommodating various product shapes and sizes.
  17. Automated Glue Feeding and Mixing:
    • Automate glue feeding and mixing processes, adapting to different types of potting applications and materials, enhancing versatility and production efficiency.

Specification of Online Glue Potting Machine

  • Nozzle Number: 1
  • Axis Number: 3-Axis X,Y,Z
  • Table Size: <700*700mm
  • Cleaning: Auto
  • Gluing material: Silicone,epoxy.PU,etc.
  • Glue viscosity: <3500
  • Glue ratio: 10:1-10:10
  • Material Volume: A-tank:30L,B-tank:10L,C-tank:5L
  • Power Supply: AC:220±10%,50/60HZ, 2.5Kw
  • Control Method: PLC+Touch screen
  • Dimension(mm): L1300*W1100*H1500
  • Weight Approx:550kg

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Enhancing SMT Assembly Efficiency: Essential Equipment and Expert Support

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Nozzle Number

1(Multiple head is option)

Axis Number

3-Axis X,Y,Z

Table Size




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Glue monitoring


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