SMD Placement Machine Flexible Mounter JUKI KE-3020VA

Experience a new level of efficiency with the JUKI KE-3010A SMT Chip Shooter, where higher speed, superior quality, and increased capacity seamlessly converge. With a remarkable throughput of 23,500CPH, this advanced chip shooter elevates your production capabilities to unprecedented levels. Send Us Your BOM List For A FREE Analysis

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SMD Placement Machine JUKI KE-3020VA

Introducing the JUKI KE-3020VA High-Speed SMD Placement Machine, a cutting-edge solution for precision electronics assembly. With a remarkable throughput of 20,900CPH (Chips Per Hour), this advanced chip shooter is equipped with laser centering and optimum functionality, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in the surface mount technology (SMT) process. Elevate your production capabilities with the precision and speed of the SMD Placement Machine.

Experience a new level of efficiency with the JUKI KE-3020VA SMD Placement Machine, where higher speed, superior quality, and increased capacity converge seamlessly. This advanced Chip Mounter accommodates components ranging from 0402 (01005) to 33.5mm square, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse assembly needs.

SMD Placement Machine

Specification of JUKI SMD Placement Machine

High Speed SMD Placement Machine

  • Mounting Speed:
    – Optimum 20,900CPH
    – IP 9,400CPH 
  • PCB Size
    330×250 – 1,210×560mm
  • Placement accuracy ±0.05 mm (±3σ)
  • Feeder Count
    Max.160 in case of 8mm tape
    (on a Electric double tape feeder)
  • Component height: 6/12 mm
  • Component size
    – Laser recognition: 0402(01005) ~ □33.5mm
    – Vision recognition:
    Standard camera: 3mm ~ □33.5mm
    High-resolution camera: 1.0×0.5mm ~ □20mm

Core System & Function Of SMD Placement Machine

  • Versatile Component Compatibility: The JUKI KE-3020VA SMD Placement Machine accommodates a comprehensive range of components, from minute 0402 (01005) to larger 74mm square or 50×150mm elements. This adaptability ensures the versatility needed for diverse assembly projects.
  • Multi-Nozzle Precision: Equipped with a multi-nozzle laser head featuring six nozzles and an IC head with a CDS sensor (1 nozzle), the KE-3020VA optimizes precision in component placement. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in the SMD Placement Machine process.
  • Electronic Double Tape Feeders: Maximize efficiency with electronic double tape feeders, enabling the mounting of up to 160 component types. This feature streamlines the assembly process, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Standard MNVC: MNVC (Multi-Nozzle Vision Centering) is a standard feature, enhancing on-the-fly vision centering accuracy when utilizing both a high-resolution camera and MNVC.
  • High-Speed Tray Feeding (Option): Optimize performance with the option for high-speed feeding of tray components, contributing to expedited and efficient assembly processes.
  • Extended PWB Capability (Option): Choose the option for longer-sized printed circuit boards (PWB) in the X-axis, providing flexibility for projects with extended dimensions.
  • PoP Placement Option: Explore the option for Package-on-Package (PoP) placement, further expanding the capabilities of the JUKI KE-30120VA SMD Placement Machine.

Enhancing SMT Assembly Efficiency: Essential Equipment and Expert Support

The JUKI SMD Placement Machine  stands as a crucial element within the SMT assembly line, working hand in hand with other vital machinery like the PCB Printing Machine, Reflow Oven, Loader & Unloader, Conveyor, and more. If these components seem unfamiliar, our dedicated team of I.C.T. engineers is readily available to offer their SMT expertise. Additionally, explore our extensive portfolio of case studies, highlighting successful client services. All our equipment proudly carries CE certification, ensuring compliance with rigorous European safety standards.

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For any inquiries or specific needs, don’t hesitate to Contact us. Our goal is to establish seamless communication and provide swift assistance. Whether you’re in search of guidance or equipment, I.C.T team is here to cater to your requirements promptly. At I.C.T, we’re committed to facilitating a smooth and efficient SMT assembly process for our valued clients.

Additional information

Board Size

Min. 50mm X 50mm

Component Specs

Component Height: 25mm
Component Size:
0201*1 ~□74 ㎜ /150×50 ㎜

Placement Specs

Placement Speed : 31,000CPH (IPC9850)
Placement Accuracy: ±35μm (Cpk≧1)

Component height

25 mm

Component size

0201*1 ~□74 ㎜ /150×50 ㎜

Placement speed

Optimum: 47,000CPH
IPC9850: 31,000CPH

Placement accuracy


Feeder Input