I.C.T-VC-M| PCB SMT Automatic Vacuum Magazine Loader

PCB SMT Automatic Vacuum and  Magazine Loader With Strong,Firm and Stable Design.



SMT Automatic Vacuum Magazine Loader


  • Strong,firm and stable design.
  • Touch screen and PLC control.
  • Top&bottom pneumatic clamps to secure magazine rack.
  • No PCB breakage guaranty because of special gas circuit design.
  • Effective design ensures no PCB breakage guaranty.
  • Vacuum Loader and pallet conveyor compatible.
  • Adjust the position of the nozzle to ensure the circuit boards is clamped.
  • Vacuum and magazine are feed into the board at the same machine, integrated machine
  • Compatible SMEMA interface.


Tips: What is PCB magazine loader?

A PCB magazine loader is a machine used in the electronics manufacturing industry to load and unload printed circuit boards (PCBs) onto or from production magazines. A production magazine is a device used to hold PCBs in a vertical orientation for efficient storage and handling during the manufacturing process.

The PCB magazine loader typically consists of a conveyor system that transports the PCBs to and from the magazines. The loader may use mechanical or vacuum-based systems to secure the PCBs in place during loading or unloading. Some magazine loaders may also include a sensor system to detect the presence and position of the PCBs, to ensure accurate and reliable loading and unloading.

The benefits of using a PCB magazine loader include increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and reduced risk of damage or contamination to the PCBs. By automating the loading and unloading process, the machine can help minimize manual labor and reduce the risk of errors or mishandling. This can ultimately result in a higher quality and more reliable product, as well as increased productivity and cost savings for manufacturers.


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Additional information

Time Feed PCB

Seconds 12 Approx. or Specify

Indexing Pitch or Specify

Control System



Max 300 VA

Air Supply

4-6bar, 10ltr/Min Max

Transport Height

900±20mm(or Customer Specified)

PCB Direction

L to R or R to L


SMEMA for Both In & Out

Power Supply

1 PH AC 220V 50/60Hz (Option:110V to 380V)