I.C.T-PC250 | Automatic SMT PCB Surface Cleaning Machine

Automatic SMT PCB Surface Cleaning Machine Double Imported Dust Roller, Automatic Lifting Design.



PCB Surface Cleaning Machine


  • Panasonic PLC control system, touch screen operation, simple and easy to understand.
  • Double imported dust roller, automatic lifting design.
  • The unique design of the brush device can effectively clean the larger dust and protect the wear of the dust roller.
  • 1 electrostatic eliminator in each inlet and outlet can efficiently remove static electricity from PCB.
  • Transmission by stepper motor drive, precise and stable.
  • The central support function should play a key role in the possible deformation of the big pcb.
  • Modular design of the whole machine, convenient and quick maintenance.
  • SMEMA interface.

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