Revolutionizing Storage: I.C.T-ISS2000 – An Intelligent SMD Storage System

Introducing Intelligent SMD Storage System

In the ever-evolving landscape of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the I.C.T-ISS2000 emerges as a game-changer in Intelligent SMD Storage System. This cutting-edge system, proudly crafted in Europe, adheres to the highest safety standards, making it a reliable choice for those prioritizing safety in electronics manufacturing.

Intelligent SMD Storage System

Efficiency Redefined: Direct Handling for Swift Retrieval

Gone are the days of cumbersome storage practices. The I.C.T-ISS2000 offers unparalleled efficiency, allowing users to retrieve the exact SMD reels they need with remarkable speed. In a mere 15 seconds, the system ensures swift access, boosting overall productivity.

Ample Storage, Customization, and Cost Savings

With a capacity to store 1600 reels of standard 7-inch SMDs, the I.C.T-ISS2000 provides ample space for diverse production needs. Moreover, the system offers customization options, tailoring its capacity to meet specific requirements. This flexibility ensures optimal space utilization and significant cost savings.

Direct Handling, Barcode Scanning, and Industry 4.0 Integration

The I.C.T-ISS2000 eliminates the need for dedicated storage boxes, streamlining processes and saving space costs. Equipped with a built-in barcode reader, the system automates the scanning process during batch loading, minimizing human errors. Its compatibility with Industry 4.0 standards allows seamless integration with MES/ERP systems, facilitating information sharing and processing.

Temperature and Humidity Control, Time Limit Management, and Versatile Uninstall Modes

Incorporating a temperature and humidity control module, the I.C.T-ISS2000 safeguards components from moisture damage. The system also features time limit management, preventing component defects due to missed usage periods. Multiple uninstall modes, including first-in-first-out and date-based prioritization, offer flexibility in managing SMD reels.

European Design Philosophy for Innovation and Adaptability

Not just a Intelligent SMD Storage System, the I.C.T-ISS2000 embodies European design principles and innovation. With a footprint of 2715 x 1620 x 2450mm, this intelligent storage system adapts seamlessly to local operational environments, aligning with European standards and user habits.

Experience the future of Intelligent SMD Storage System with the I.C.T-ISS2000, where efficiency, precision, and innovation converge for unparalleled performance. Learn more about Specification of Intelligent SMD Storage System I.C.T-ISS2000.

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