I.C.T-IR | PCBA Curing Machine Coating IR Oven

I.C.T IR oven is cost-effective Curing Oven produced by I.C.T, mainly to deal with the application of glue curing,special soldering,SMD testing,Anti-corrosion paint dry,radiator welding.



Coating IR Oven


  • Control system:Instrument or plc+touch screen or PC control optional,make sure machine working steadily.
  • IR heating: top zones IR heating,good heater compensatory,High thermal efficiency,energy saving,speedy heating, Temperature Accuracy ± 1.5 ℃, room temperature settling time less than 20 minutes.
  • PID intelligent precision controller,automatically control heating volume, fuzzy control function changes the external heating fast,and by internal control ensures more balanced temperature.
  • Use imported big current solid relay,without touch point output,safe,reliable,with special SSR radiator,greatly improve thermal efficiency and lifetime.
  • I.C.T using third-party over-temperature protection, multiple layers protection to ensure safe operation.
  • Products comply with CE,CCC,UL and other standard or specifications.
  • Independent cooling area ensures the low temperature when PCB comes out.
  • Transmission system use imported motors,speed adjuster,smoothly running,adjustable speed at 0-2000mm/min.
  • I.C.T design makes temperature from each zone is not influenced by neibour to ensure accurate temperature curve, to achieve high adaptability.
  • Using zero gas source design, furnace cover with motor lifting, safety rod support, providing significant security.
  • Special durable Rail not out of shape.Central support, dual transmission, external water cooling system is optional.

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Additional information


I.C.T-IR3 / I.C.T-IR4



Control System

Touch screen+PLC

Heating Mode

IR(Hot air Optional)

Conveyor Speed


Number Of Heating Zones

Up3 / Bottom0 / Up4 / Bottom0

Bottom Heating


Length Of Heating Zones

2200mm / 2800mm

Number of Cooling Zones


Warming Time

Approx.20 minute

Power For Warm Up

15Kw / 18Kw

Power Consumption

6Kw / 8Kw

Temperature Deviation

± 1.5℃

Dimension (L*W*H)mm

3000x950x1400 / 4000x1080x1400


Approx.550KG / Approx.850KG