I.C.T-DI250 | Industrial SMT Cleaning System Pure Water Machine

Pure Water Machine has compact structure, high water discharge resistivity and low operation. Cost, fully automatic control and other features. The main accessories are all internationally renowned brands, the system is reliable and easy to maintain.



Industrial Pure Water Machine

I.C.T DI-250 industrial pure water machine is the integration of aquatic deionized life, machine of 250 litres per hour DI water, in accordance with the composition function is divided into the pretreatment system, RO reverse osmosis system, MB bed system in three parts. Raw water tank→Multi-media filter pump (quartz sand filter)→Activated carbon filter (add scale inhibitor unit)→Precision Filters→a high-pressure pump reverse osmosis (RO) device→UV disinfection equipment (ozone sterilization device)→Pure water.


  • The system has automatic protection function of low voltage power failure. When the water pressure of the high pressure pump is reduced to the limit, the RO high pressure pump will automatically stop to prevent the high pressure pump from being damaged, and the system will give a prompt (the original water low pressure high pressure pump light is off).
  • The RO system has an automatic water supply device. When the liquid level of the RO storage tank reaches a low water level, the system automatically starts. When the RO tank level reaches a high water level, the RO system automatically shuts down.
  • The system also has a complete automatic flushing function, with fast and low pressure flushing at startup, which makes the reverse osmosis membrane system contaminated. The speed is reduced, the cycle of chemical cleaning of the reverse osmosis
    membrane and the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane are prolonged.
  • With 24 small continuous
  • The salt removal rate is as high as 97% or more
  • Reverse osmosis outlet pressure is high, reverse osmosis system will also stop protection
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DI water supply


DI water pressure


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Machine size

L1200 x W1100 x H1750(mm)

Machine weight