I.C.T- D1200 | PCB Conformal Automatic SMT Glue Dispensing Machine

I.C.T- D1200 | PCB Conaformal Automatic SMT Glue Dispensing Machine with ID identification, automatic program calling, fool-proofing and data statistics function helps to realize smart manufacturing.


I.C.T– D1200

Automatic SMT Glue Dispensing Machine


The I.C.T dispensing system has significant strength in cost performance. Being reliable, durable, and concisely designed, it can be applied to PCB and base materials of different specifications. The UFD operating software ensures the stability and reliability of the system. The system is designed for chip sealing, PCB assembly, SMT red glue dispensing,led lens,and medical products. With adjustable track width, it can be applied to more products.


Tips: How do you make a PCB waterproof?

Making a PCB waterproof involves applying a protective coating or sealant on the surface of the PCB and its components to prevent water from penetrating the board. Here are some methods for making a PCB waterproof:

  1. Conformal coating: As discussed earlier, applying a conformal coating to the PCB provides a barrier against moisture and other environmental contaminants. Choosing a waterproof conformal coating material such as parylene, silicone, or urethane will provide better protection against water.
  2. Encapsulation: Encapsulating the entire PCB in a waterproof potting material is another effective way to make the PCB waterproof. Potting materials such as epoxy or silicone are used to create a waterproof barrier around the PCB and its components.
  3. Waterproof connectors: If the PCB has connectors that may be exposed to water, using waterproof connectors is a good option. These connectors have a sealing mechanism that prevents water from entering the connector.
  4. Gaskets and seals: Gaskets and seals can be used to seal the PCB in a waterproof enclosure. The enclosure can be made of plastic or metal, and it can be sealed with gaskets and seals to prevent water from entering.
  5. Coating with waterproof paint: Waterproof paint can be used to coat the surface of the PCB and its components. The paint provides a protective layer that prevents water from penetrating the board.

It’s important to note that making a PCB waterproof requires careful planning and design to ensure that the PCB and its components are protected without compromising their functionality. Consulting with a specialist or waterproofing supplier can help determine the best method for your specific needs.

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Additional information



Dispensing Range


Product Weight


Product Thickness


Maximum Speed


Vision Methodology


Cleaning System


Injection Valve Speed

200 points/s

Dispensing Accuracy


Repeated Accuracy



950 Kg




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