I.C.T-310 | PCB Assembly Line SMT Label Mounter

I.C.T-310 | PCB Assembly Line SMT Label Mounter is used to mount Various barcodes label (1D, 2D, labels with different background paper colors),Various film

products (translucent, opaque, different colors, different



SMT Label Mounter


  • R&D, design and manufacturing in Taiwan
  • ln-line/Off-Line mode.
  • The X,Z,R axis adopts servo module with high precision and high speed.
  • It can realize the adsorbing and mounting of printed roll-up labels.
  • Configuring printer can realize the function of print-and-paste.
  • Configure a reader to read validation or upload barcode information.
  • The Z-axis can be adapted to label PCBA at different heights.
  • Standard 2 groups of mounting head, can adsorb 2 labels at the same time.
  • Each group of mounting heads is equipped with independent vacuum detection to prevent leakage and falling of the mark.
  • Online database system to upload and feedback barcode information.
  • 360 ° servo rotation, control mounting.
  • 600dpi latest zebra industrial grade printer.
  • 5 million industrial cameras, with three-color light source, to deal with various labels.
  • Interconnection with MES system to provide production statistics related information.

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Additional information



Internal Printer

N/A/Zebra Brand



Label Size

3*3 ~ 50*50mm

Labeling Precision


Labeling Angle


Feeder Input


PCB Size

L50*W80mm ~L450 * W350mm; Thickness 0.5mm-6mm

Top Surface Height of PCB


Position System


Operation Mode

X,Y,Z,R movement(Servo Motor)


AC220V/50Hz, Total power: 1kva

Body Size

L1000 *W1200 *H1500 mm

Machine weight