I.C.T-24 | Smart Cleaner SMT Nozzle Cleaning Machine

High-end SMT Nozzle Cleaning Machine Be Able to Clean 24 nozzles in one time, quicker and more efficient.



SMT Nozzle Cleaning Machine

  • Clean 24 nozzles in one time, quicker and more efficient
  • Replace traditional manual clean, avoid troubles caused by ultrasonic cleaner, reduce rejection rate.
  • To clean the dirt completely which ultrasonic cleaner can not deal with.
  • Cleaning result will not affect by the smaller and smaller nozzle.
  • Thoroughly clean 99% dirt on nozzle, extend the lifespan of nozzle.
  • Protect the coating surface of nozzle and its reflection panel.
  • Never use solvent, only environmentally friendly DI water is enough.
  • Easy operation.
  • Applicable to all kinds of Mounter nozzles, especially on corss, I-shape, odd-shape nozzles.

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Additional information



Air supply


Power supply


Clean liquid

Purified water or DI water

Clean time


Dry time


Jet pressure


Water consumption


Nozzle range

Min 01005~Max inner diameter ¢2.0mm

Jig Spec

I.C.T-24:Small nozzle 24 holes /big nozzle 12 holes

I.C.T-36:Small nozzle 36 holes /big nozzle 12 holes

Machine size

L665 x W555 x H475(mm)

Machine weight