Help you to know all the Electronic Manufacturing Acronyms (A)

In the field of Electronic Manufacturing, you will come across a very large number of Acronyms, and we have intentionally made a collection of them, so that you can quickly understand the real meaning of these Acronyms through this article, and we hope that it will help you.

AC – Alternating Current

This is a time-varying current, usually applied to power supplies that switch polarity multiple times per second, in the form of a sine, square or triangle wave.

AOI – Automated Optical Inspection

Use camera data to verify wiring and pads on the surface of an inner or outer panel. It checks the position, size and shape of copper-mounted components. It plays an important role in finding “breaks”, missing components or “shorts”.

AQL – Acceptance Quality Level

The maximum number of defects that may exist in a contractually tolerable population (lot); usually associated with a statistically inferred sampling plan.

ATE – Automatic Test Equipment

This equipment is designed to automatically examine how well something is working, whether it’s in motion or not. It can figure out if there are any issues causing it to work less effectively, and sometimes, it can even pinpoint what’s causing the problem.

ATG – Automatic Test Generation

Computer-generated test programs with no or minimal manual programming effort, based on circuit technology only.

AVL – Approved Vendor List

A parts list that tells you the names of the trusted companies that make the parts and the specific part numbers, along with a short description of each.

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