I.C.T-S400 | ICT Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine

I.C.T Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine eliminates shadow and random reflection issues in detection, ensuring higher solder paste 3D detection accuracy. With a 5M pixel high-speed camera, it achieves faster detection and delivers detailed, rich images. Ideal for high-speed, high-precision production lines. Explore our variety of models to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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I.C.T-S400 Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine

The I.C.T Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine — your ultimate solution for overcoming challenges related to shadows and random reflections during the detection process. Elevate your solder paste 3D detection accuracy to new heights with this advanced system. Boasting a 5M pixel high-speed camera, the I.C.T Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine ensures not only faster detection speeds but also delivers intricate and vivid images. Tailored for high-speed and high-precision production lines, it stands as the ideal choice to enhance your manufacturing efficiency. Embrace innovation with the I.C.T Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine, redefining the standards of accuracy and speed in electronics manufacturing.

Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine

Specification of Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine

  • Applicable PCB: 55*55 ~460*460mm (standard) / (470*500 as option) / (630*686 as option)
  • PCB thickness: 0.5 ~ 7.0mm
  • PCB Weight: ≤5.0kg
  • Conveyor Height: 900±20mm
  • Inspection Head Quantity: 1PCS
  • Camera Pixel: 5M, (10M/12M as option)
  • Optical Resolution: 4.5um/5um/6um/8um/10um/12um/15um/16um/18um/20um
  • Minimum Chip: 01005 (03015/008004 as option)
  • Detection Speed: 0.35 ~ 0.5s/
  • Machine Dimension: W1000*D1150*H1530mm
  • Weight: 965kg

Feature of Solder-Paste Print Inspection-Machine

  1. Multi-frequency PSLM:
    Experience cutting-edge detection with our SMT SPI machine, featuring Multi-frequency PSLM technology. By emulating the optical grating cycle through advanced software, we eliminate mechanical drive and transmission parts, significantly boosting accuracy and application scope. Enjoy a detection height up to ±1200um, all while avoiding mechanical wear and reducing maintenance costs.
  2. Phase Modulation Profilermetry (PMP):
    Redefining precision, our SMT SPI machine incorporates PMP technology, achieving a remarkable height resolution down to 0.37um. With 4-8 times sampling, we ensure consistently high performance. Elevate your detection capabilities through the phase modulation of the full light spectrum.
  3. High Resolution and High Frame Rate Image Processing Unit:
    Unleash the power of our SMT SPI machine’s high-resolution image processing unit. Equipped with a megapixel industrial CCD camera boasting an ultra-high frame rate, it ensures steady and rapid detection of small components and high-density mounting (008004). Choose from a variety of detection accuracy options (5um, 7um, 8um, 10um, 12um, 15um, 18um, 20um) to meet diverse product requirements.
  4. Telecentric Lens for Static Compensation:
    Say goodbye to lens distortion issues with our SMT SPI machine’s telecentric lens and specialized software test algorithm. I.C.T resolves ordinary lens problems, squint, and deformation, significantly enhancing inspection accuracy and ability. Achieve industry-leading static compensation for FPC warping.
  5. 2D Lamp Panel:
    Enhance accuracy in soldering processes with our SMT SPI machine’s 2D lamp panel. Avoid color distortion effects with RGB tuning, ensuring versatility across different PCB colors. Fulfill various dispensing process tests and significantly improve repeatability accuracy in equipment (height, volume, area).
  6. High Resolution and High Frame Rate Image Processing Unit:
    Our SMT SPI machine introduces an Active RGB 2D Light Source with a patented RGB Tune function. This function, along with a unique filter algorithm, solves issues like solder bridge detection false alarms and relative zero surface uncertainty. Experience 2D/3D measurements and precise images of printed solder paste.
  7. High Accurate Hardware Platform: 
    Built on a high-rigid grade steel frame, our SMT SPI machine ensures high-speed and steady positioning through close loop servo control and high-precision ball screws. Choose optional linear and high-precision linear encode positioning systems for ultra-high resolution and speed, achieving repeatable accuracy down to 1um.

Enhancing SMT Assembly Efficiency: Essential Equipment and Expert Support

The PCB reflow soldering machine stands as a crucial element within the SMT assembly line, working hand in hand with other vital machinery like the Pick and Place machine, Loader & Unloader, Conveyor, Inspection Machine and more. If these components seem unfamiliar, our dedicated team of I.C.T. engineers is readily available to offer their SMT expertise. Additionally, explore our extensive portfolio of case studies, highlighting successful client services. All our equipment proudly carries CE certification, ensuring compliance with rigorous European safety standards.SMT Stencil Printer in SMT Machine LineFeel free to reach out for any inquiries or specific requirements – we’re here to help. Our aim is to establish clear and efficient communication while offering prompt assistance. Whether you seek guidance or equipment, the I.C.T team is dedicated to promptly meeting your needs. At I.C.T, we are committed to ensuring a seamless and efficient SMT assembly process for our valued clients.


Additional information



PCB Size

55*55 ~460*460mm
(470*500 as option)
(630*686 as option)

PCB Tickness

0.5 ~ 7.0mm

Conveyor Height


Measure Type

Height,Area,Volume,Offset,Bridge,Shape(missing print,insufficient tin, excessive tin, bridging, offset,
mal-shapes, surface contamination)

Paste Height

0 ~ 550um

Machine Dimension