Long Board SMT Placement Machine JUKI JX-350

Expanded versatility for LED production and more!
JX-350 is now available with faster placement speed and improved placing ability

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Flexible LED Mounter

The new JX-350 LED Mounter offers a flexible placement system specially designed for LED lighting products and mid- to large LCD display backlights.

It can support ultra-long boards up to 1,500mm and JUKI laser centering for high speed, high accuracy placement offers the best in the industry.

SMT Placement Machine

  • From 0603 to □33.5mmsquare components
  • JUKI laser centering for high speed, high accuracy placement
  • Improved placement quality
  • Alternate pick by screw-type nozzles* achieves high-speed placement for large component up to 25 mm diameter.
  • High-precision placement of diffusion lenses
  • Capable of up to 1,500 mm long board production, top class board size in industry.*
  • Various supply methods *   (*option)


Tips: How accurate are pick and place machines?

Pick and place machines are known for their high accuracy and precision in placing components or objects on a workpiece. The accuracy of pick and place machines is typically measured in terms of placement repeatability, which is the ability of the machine to place components in the same position repeatedly.

Modern pick and place machines can achieve placement repeatability of up to ± 25 microns (0.025 mm) or better, depending on the machine model, type of components, and the quality of the workpiece. This high accuracy is achieved through the use of advanced machine vision systems, precision mechanical components, and sophisticated software algorithms.

The accuracy of pick and place machines can also be affected by factors such as component orientation, surface tension, and the quality of the workpiece. However, modern pick and place machines are designed to compensate for these factors and maintain high placement accuracy.


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Additional information

Board size

1time clamping: 650mm×360mm
2times clamping: 1,200mm×360mm
3times clamping *: 1,500mm×360mm

Component height

6mm / 12mm

Component size

0603(0201) ~ □33.5mm

Placement speed (chip)

Optimum: 32,000CPH
IPC9850: 21,000CPH

Placement accuracy


Feeder inputs

Front-side fixed mechanical feeder bank(Standard): Max.40 in case of 8mm tape

Front+rear-side fixed mechanical feeder bank *1: Max.80

Front+rear-side fixed electrical feeder bank *1: Max.160 *2