I.C.T-OFM8 | SMT LED Flexible Pick and Place Machine

As a flexible pick and place for smd is reinforced at I.C.T M series. With a head with one gantry and 6-10 spindles, I.C.T M series can be used 0402 to 15mm IC parts. I.C.T M series improved actual productivity and placement quality by using high speed and high precision electrically driven feeders.

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I.C.T-OFM8 Pick and Place Machine


M Series SMT Pick And Place Machine Manufacturers For PCB Assembly


  • High-speed flight vision system, 0 second recognition, improve production efficiency.
  • I.C.T unique mounting pressure control system, full closed-loop mount control system in Z-axis placement process to ensure the effective height and placement accuracy .
  • I.C.T exclusive image recognition system uses digital identification and equips with new industrial cameras.
  • Marble platform is adopted to improve the stability and efficiency of the machine.
  • Machine with vacuum pump, provide stable gas source, improve production quality.
  • The first servo motor controlled independently arm with six heads to achieve,optimum placement speed and accuracy in china.
  • High precision hardware,imported top brands core parts to ensure placement precision,communication systems and so on.
  • Industrial-grade computer control and windows operating system.
  • Standard feeder with sensor to prevent components hip up to ensure safe operation.
  • X-Y-axis is driven by servo motors to ensure long-term stability and high accuracy of the machine.
  • English operating system on the basis of imported placement machines to ensure the simplicity and convenience of the operator.


Tips: What are the different types of pick and place machine?

There are several types of pick-and-place machines available on the market, each designed to handle different types of components and production volumes. Some of the most common types of pick-and-place machines include:

  1. Manual Pick-and-Place Machine: This is a basic, low-cost machine that is operated manually. It is suitable for low-volume production or prototyping and is often used by hobbyists.
  2. Automatic Pick-and-Place Machine: These machines are designed for high-volume production and are fully automated. They use advanced robotics to pick and place components onto PCBs quickly and accurately.
  3. High-Speed Pick-and-Place Machine: This type of machine is similar to the automatic pick-and-place machine, but it is designed for even higher production speeds. These machines can handle complex PCB layouts and place components at speeds of up to 100,000 components per hour.
  4. Flexible Pick-and-Place Machine: These machines are designed to handle a wide range of component types and sizes. They can switch between different component types quickly and easily, making them suitable for prototyping or low-volume production.
  5. Chip Mounter: This type of machine is designed specifically for placing surface-mount components onto PCBs. They are highly accurate and can handle a wide range of component sizes, making them ideal for high-volume production.
  6. Through-Hole Component Inserter: This machine is used for placing through-hole components onto PCBs. They are often used in conjunction with a pick-and-place machine that handles surface-mount components.

Overall, the type of pick-and-place machine that is best for a particular production process will depend on several factors, including the production volume, the complexity of the PCB layout, and the types of components being used.

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Additional information


I.C.T-OFM8 / OFM10


Off line


55000CPH / 60000CPH

Nozzle Number

8 / 10

Min. PCB Size

50*50 mm

Max. PCB Size

1500*420 mm

PCB Thickness


Power Supply


Power consumption