I.C.T-5700M | Automatic PCB Board SMT PCBA Router Machine

Unlock precision in PCB processing with the I.C.T 5700 series SMT PCBA Router Machine. Ideal for diverse industries, it ensures high-speed milling and real-time cutter monitoring, enhancing precision across applications from smartphones to aerospace.

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I.C.T-5700 | sMT PCBA Router Machine

Explore the advanced capabilities of the I.C.T 5700 series SMT PCBA Router Machine, a high-precision PCBA router designed for applications across diverse industries, including smartphones, smart wearables, smart homes, tablet computers, automotive electronics, medical devices, aerospace, and military sectors.

Top Advantages of SMT PCBA Router Machine

  • New CCD System with Visual Counterpoint Correction: Incorporates a cutting-edge CCD system and vision technology to seamlessly correspond to various PCB marks, enhancing precision with visual counterpoint correction functionality.
  • Real-time Cutter Monitoring Sensor: Utilizes a sensor to monitor the state of the milling cutter in real-time, effectively preventing issues related to continuous cutter operation.
  • High-Speed Spindle for Reduced Cutting Stress: Implements a high-speed spindle to reduce cutting stress, ensuring high precision, low inertia, and fast response times.
  • Ion Air Gun for PCB Surface Static Electricity Removal: Equipped with an ion air gun to eliminate static electricity on the PCB surface, preventing dust adhesion and ensuring a clean processing environment.
  • Dual Platform Structure for Enhanced Flexibility: Features a dual platform structure capable of handling different products simultaneously. The dual platform can be seamlessly combined into a single platform, elevating equipment flexibility.
  • CNC Special Controller for Stability: Adopts a CNC special controller, ensuring high stability and robust anti-interference capabilities for consistent and reliable performance.
  • Efficient Vacuum Dust Collector: Integrates a separated vacuum dust collector with a high-efficiency motor, providing powerful suction while maintaining low noise levels.
  • Humanized Operation System Design: Boasts a humanized operation system design, promoting simplicity and flexibility in equipment operation.

Discover a new standard of precision and versatility with the SMT PCBA Router Machine from the I.C.T 5700 series, engineered to meet the demands of modern applications across a multitude of industries.

Specification of SMT PCBA Router Machine
  • PCB Size: 340*380mm
  • PCB thickness: 0.5~5.0mm
  • PCB support mode: Multifunctional fixture, special fixture
  • Milling cutter: size 0.8~3mm
  • Cut Precision: ± 0.05mm
  • X,Y,Z Driving Method: AC Servo motor
  • X,Y,Z Control mode: CNC controller
  • Platform Number: Double
  • Operation and Data Storage: PC System
  • Dimension: 1290*1100*1437mm
  • Weight(with vacuum cleaner): 1000kg
  • Dust Collection Method: Vacuum cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaner Dimension: 640*785*1760mm

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Enhancing SMT Assembly Efficiency: Essential Equipment and Expert Support

The SMT PCBA Router Machine stands as a crucial element within the SMT assembly line, working hand in hand with other vital machinery like the SMT stencil printerPick and Place machine, Reflow Oven, Loader & Unloader, Conveyor, and more. If these components seem unfamiliar, our dedicated team of I.C.T. engineers is readily available to offer their SMT expertise. Additionally, explore our extensive portfolio of case studies, highlighting successful client services. All our equipment proudly carries CE certification, ensuring compliance with rigorous European safety standards.
SMT Stencil Printer in SMT Machine LineFeel free to reach out for any inquiries or specific requirements – we’re here to help. Our aim is to establish clear and efficient communication while offering prompt assistance. Whether you seek guidance or equipment, the I.C.T team is dedicated to promptly meeting your needs. At I.C.T, we are committed to ensuring a seamless and efficient SMT assembly process for our valued clients.

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