​I.C.T-400 | Automatic UV SMT Laser Marking Machine

​I.C.T-400 | Automatic UV SMT Laser Marking Machine can connect SMT assembly line seamlessly and support online data transmission and information return of MES system.



SMT Laser Marking Machine


  • The performance of the CO2 laser, fiber laser, green laser and UV laser is stable.
  • High speed vibrating mirror is adopted,high precision,high speed,and performance is stable.
  • CCD positioning is fast and accurate, and can be automatically recognized after marking.
  • The software interface is humanized, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and the editing function is powerful.
  • Automatically read the two dimensional code and save the data.Automatically record and alarm when it is unable to read.
  • Compared with ordinary printing, no consumables, environmental pollution free, maintenance free.
  • It has the function of anti reprinting data to avoid repeated marking of information.
  • It can be seamlessly connected with SMT line and MES system.
  • Offline and online compatible.

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Additional information



Laser Type

UV laser,Green laser,Fiber laser,CO2 laser

Wave Length

UV laser:355nm, Green laser:532nm, Fiber laser:1064nm, CO2 laser:10640nm

Laser Power

UV laser:3W(5W Option), Green laser:7W, Fiber laser:20W, CO2 laser:30W

Laser Z-axis Lifting

Manual (Automatic is Option)

PCB Flip Function

Inside PCB Flip

Marking Range


PCB Size

L50*W80mm ~L450 * W350mm; Thickness 0.5mm-6mm

Marking Speed


Marking Precision


Minimum Character Height

0.1mm ~0.4mm


L1000 *W1200 *H1500 mm

Air Pressure