I.C.T X-9200 PCB X-ray inspection Equipment

After soldering, it is important to thoroughly inspect #PCB boards. PCB X-ray inspection Equipment at the end of the SMT line cannot assess the soldering quality of components such as BGA, LGA, or CSP. Our X-ray inspection machine performs further inspections. More models for you to choose from:

X-7100   |   X-7900   |   X-9200


I.C.T X-9200 PCB X-ray inspection Equipment

Introducing the X-9200, the ultimate PCB X-ray inspection Equipment designed to deliver high-resolution X-ray imaging specifically for the electronics industry. This versatile and powerful system excels in a wide range of applications within the PCB manufacturing process, making it an indispensable tool for electronic manufacturers worldwide.

The X-9200 is engineered to detect and analyze integrated circuit chips and semiconductors, including BGA, IGBT, flip chips, and PCBA component welding, ensuring precise and accurate results. It is also suitable for various industries such as LED, IC packaging, and other sectors that require high-precision testing.

PCB X-ray inspection Equipment

Specification of PCB X-ray inspection Equipment:

  • 2D X-ray sealed tube
    Type: Transmissive Light Tube
    X-ray tube voltage: 100kv/110kv, 200μA/300μA
    Spatial resolution: 1μm
  • Work platform
    Image capture method: Flat panel digital imaging
    Imaging accuracy: 76μm
    A/D conversion quantized density value: 16bit
  • Resolution: 1648*1644px
    Acquisition frame rate: 30(FPS)
  • Structure
    Plate rotation angle: 60°
    Max. Loading Size: 690*685mm
    Max. Inspection Area: 670*665mm
    Max. Loading Weight: ≤20kg
    Weight: 1800kg
    Platform movement: Manual/Auto

Feature of PCB X-ray inspection Equipment

  1. Effortless Batch Detection with CNC Program: Automate batch detection with precision using the CNC program, enabling seamless inspection of different sample positions.
  2. Array Function for Fixed Position Detection: Achieve efficient batch detection for samples with fixed positions and consistent spacing through the advanced array function.
  3. Precision Measurement of Length and Width: Enhance accuracy by measuring the length and width of specific areas within the detection zone, ensuring meticulous inspection.
  4. Visual Navigation Interface for Precise Positioning: Experience precision like never before with a visual navigation interface, allowing precise positioning through X-Y joystick displacement.
  5. Simulated Color for Enhanced Image Observation: Improve image observation with simulated color, providing a clearer view of inspection images and enhancing analysis capabilities.
  6. Bubble Measurement for Comprehensive Analysis: Streamline bubble analysis with one-key measurement, including bubble size, void rate, and tin climbing height, ensuring thorough inspection.
  7. Automated X-RAY Light Tube Control: Optimize efficiency with automatic ON/OFF control of the X-RAY light tube, facilitating batch detection of samples.
  8. Japanese X-RAY Light Tube for Unmatched Accuracy: Elevate detection accuracy to 1um with the inclusion of a high-precision Japanese X-RAY light tube.
  9. High-Resolution Digital X-RAY Flat Panel: Benefit from a high-resolution digital X-RAY flat panel, ensuring clarity and precision in inspection results.
  10. Versatile Stage Accommodating Various Sample Sizes: Accommodate a diverse range of sample sizes on the stage, providing flexibility to meet varied inspection needs.
  11. Optional 360° Rotation for Comprehensive Inspection: Expand inspection capabilities with the optional 360° rotation of the stage, allowing thorough examination of samples from all angles.
  12. 60° Tilt Observation for Enhanced Analysis: Facilitate detailed analysis with a 60° tilt observation feature, providing a comprehensive view for accurate inspection.
  13. Windows Navigation for Target Tracking Convenience: Enhance user experience with Windows navigation, ensuring convenient target tracking and seamless operation.
  14. Ergonomic Design and User-Friendly Interface: Prioritize user comfort with an ergonomic design and a friendly man-machine interface, promoting efficient and comfortable operation.
  15. High Safety Standards with International Certifications: Ensure high safety standards with EU CE Certification, International Quality Management System ISO Certification, and AERB Certification for X-ray, instilling confidence in the equipment’s reliability.

Enhancing SMT Assembly Efficiency: Essential Equipment and Expert Support

The PCB reflow soldering machine stands as a crucial element within the SMT assembly line, working hand in hand with other vital machinery like the Pick and Place machine, Loader & Unloader, Conveyor, Inspection Machine and more. If these components seem unfamiliar, our dedicated team of I.C.T. engineers is readily available to offer their SMT expertise. Additionally, explore our extensive portfolio of case studies, highlighting successful client services. All our equipment proudly carries CE certification, ensuring compliance with rigorous European safety standards.SMT Stencil Printer in SMT Machine LineFeel free to reach out for any inquiries or specific requirements – we’re here to help. Our aim is to establish clear and efficient communication while offering prompt assistance. Whether you seek guidance or equipment, the I.C.T team is dedicated to promptly meeting your needs. At I.C.T, we are committed to ensuring a seamless and efficient SMT assembly process for our valued clients.


Additional information



X-Ray Tube

Transmissive Light Tube
Voltage 100kv/110kv, 200μA/300μA
Spatial resolution 1μm


Magnification: 2500x
Operating system: Windows 10
Power: AC110-220V, 50-60HZ, 1800W
Radiation safety test: <1uSV/H