I.C.T | X-Ray SMD Component Counting Machine

  • X-Ray Reel Counter counters parts quantity by penetrating X-Ray through the reel
  • Take X-Ray images of PCB 2D, BGA Ball, Lead short with X-Ray Inspection Record video(2D), inspect assembly, etc.​
  • Superior speed and accuracy compared to mechanical/manual chip counter equipment, enhancing productivity/ providing convenience in inventory management and reducing operation cost.


X-Ray Chip Counter

X-Ray SMD Component Counting Machine



  • “99.98 ~ 100% ” Accuracy
  • Best counting speed “around 7 secongds/ reel”
  • 7 reel simultaneous 3x Counting speed “around 7 seconds”
  • Including loading & unloading time “around 9 secounds”
  • X-Ray PCB inspection & X-Ray other assembly inspection function
  • Multiple counting function:Standard SMD,cut tape reel, JEDEC/Matrix tray,MRLF; AluminumCaps, Soic,Sot,To,BGA/CPU,Tantal,Filter,etc.
  • Multiple size tray:7″~15″
  • Three 7-inch Trays;Simultaneously counting Speed:8s
  • Touch Screen:One-click operation
  • Significant reduction in labor (save labor cost)
  • Direct linkage with factory ERP/MES

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Additional information


X-Ray Chip Counter

Inspection Area

390X390 mm

Object Size


Inspection Time

approx. 7 seconds


20inch LED Monitor

Input Power

AC22V, Single Phase 50/60Hz

Operating Power Consumption (Max)


Non-operating Power Consumption


Diemnsion(WxDxH mm)

80 x 1280 x 1890



X-Ray Leakage Dose

< 1 uSv/Hour

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 40℃

Storage Temperature

0 ~ 50℃