I.C.T HC-1000| PCB board SMT Link Inspection Conveyor Machine

PCB board SMT Link Inspection Conveyor Machine, Which is Used to Transfer and Cool PCBA  After Reflow Soldering With A Rugged Steel Design.


I.C.T HC-1000

SMT Link Inspection Conveyor

  • This equipment is usually used to transfer and cooling PCBA after reflow soldering.
  • Rugged steel design, improves equipment stability .
  • Smooth stainless steel screw to adjust the width of the rail.
  • Variable speed control. 5.Circuit board testing mode.
  • Using a dedicated aluminum slot for transfer orbit to prevent PCB stuck.
  • Heavier bottom design, not easily shift.
  • Machine length can be customized.
  • Compatible with SMEMA interface.

*: Option: Dual rail

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Additional information

PCB Width

50 to 460 mm

PCB Direction

L to R or R to L




Foot Switch

Control System

Industrial Control Module System(Panasonic PLC Option)



SOP Rack


Platform Material

ESD Rubber Mat


SMEMA for both in & out