I.C.T | Automatic Cream Mixing Machine Solder Paste Mixer

I.C.T | Automatic Cream Mixing Machine Solder Paste Mixer With Double Safety Devices to Ensure Personal Security Design.



Solder Paste Mixer


  • Place the solder paste at 45 degrees ,rotate along the axis direction, solder paste no longer adhere to the tank.
  • With double safety devices to ensure personal security.
  • Remove air bubbles while stirring.
  • Using a dedicated control circuit, fully taking process control in consideration.
  • Proven speed ratio,avoiding too much tin powder and temperature rise impacts solder paste quality.
  • Display and warning LED display, Flashing lights and buzzer warning

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Additional information

Working capacity

500g*2 tins(option:1000g*2tins)

Rotation speed

First rotation:1400RPM;Second rotation:400RPM

Acceptable Tin diameter

Φ60-Φ67 standard

Time setting

0.1~9.9 Min,each 0.1 min; 10~30 Min,each 1.0 min



Power Supply

1 PH AC 220V 50/60Hz




45 Kg