I.C.T-Z3020 | Automatic On-line Radial Insertion Machine

The Radial insertion machine offers consistently high throughput regardless of component type, with single-, dual-, triple-, and quad-span insertion variants. Lead span capability up to 10mm virtually eliminates tedious manual assembly requirements to improve throughput, product quality and output per floor space, while reducing associated labor costs and time requirements to provide greater returns


I.C.T – Z3020

Automatic On-line Radial Insertion Machine

  • Highest reliability in the industry (1000 ppm)
  • Component replenishment without machine stoppage
  • Manual Load or Automatic PCB Load/Unload
  • Configurable sequencer (In-Line or Straight-Back)
  • Multiple clinch options
  • Component Verifier
  • Simple-to-use operator environment with graphical user interface
 -Highest Throughput
  • 18,000 CPH Spec Speed
-Strong Machine Flexibility
  • Expandable from 20 inputs up to 100 inputs
  • Inserts at 1 degree increments up to 360 degrees
  • Inward clinch option to increase bottom side density
– Lowers Cost of Ownership
  • Low Energy costs.
  • Minimal preventative maintenance required.
– Easy to Use User Interface
  • Easy operation, use Excel program and USB input.
  • Off-line programming available
  • Components available: Capacitors (electrolytic, ceramic, box, and film), transistors, diodes, LED, connectors, tact switches, coils, potentiometer, lamps, fuses etc.


Tips: What is a pin insertion machine?

A pin insertion machine is a type of automatic insertion machine used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). These machines are specifically designed to insert pins or terminals into through-holes on a PCB.

Pin insertion machines can be used to insert various types of pins, such as straight, bent, or formed pins, into the holes on the PCB. The pins are typically fed into the machine from a reel or a tube and are then cut and inserted into the appropriate holes on the PCB.

Pin insertion machines are commonly used in the production of high-volume electronic products, such as computers, telecommunications equipment, and automotive electronics. These machines can significantly reduce production time and costs by automating the pin insertion process and ensuring consistent and accurate insertion of pins into the PCB.

In addition to pin insertion, some pin insertion machines can also perform other functions, such as cutting and stripping wires, crimping terminals onto wires, and testing electrical connections. These additional functions can further increase the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process.

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Working way

On Line

Actual Speed

28000 CPH

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