I.C.T -T420 | Electrostatic Powder PCB PCBA Coating Machine

I.C.T -T420 is an automated desktop-type selective coating robot,3 axis table top motion platform with a conformal coating valve provides a desktop-type selective coating solution.


I.C.T -T420

PCBA Coating Machine


  • Stepper motor and synchronous belt drive control mode, high rigidity, stable operation;
  • High-speed and high-precision, greatly improving operation efficiency;
  • Stand- alone operation and easy installation; humanized teaching box program setting, easy to get started;
  • The automatic desktop dispenser has teaching functions such as drawing points, lines, arcs, circles, and continuous
    interpolation input programs for irregular curves;
  • Continuous coating function for arbitrary points, lines, surfaces, arcs and other irregular curves;
  • The universal fixture can be suitable for the placement of PCB boards of various sizes within the parameter range.


Tips:What is pcb conformal coating?

PCB conformal coating is a protective coating applied to printed circuit boards (PCBs) to protect them from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations. The coating is a thin layer of polymer material that conforms to the contours of the PCB and its components, hence the name “conformal.”

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Additional information



Valves Number

Atomization valve 1head, precision valve 1head

Axis Number

3-Axis X,Y,Z

PCB Size(mm)

50*50 ~ 400*400

PCB Thickness


PCB Warpage


Driver System

Stepper motor

Material Volume

1set 10L glue bucket + 1set 2L cleaning bucket

Max. Speed


Max Component Height


Fan Shape Spray Width

5 ~ 8 mm

Smallest Spray Diameter


Repeate Accuracy


Product Changeover


Inspect Light

UV Light

Air Pressure


Power Supply

AC:220± 10%,50/60HZ, 500W(Option:110V )

Control Method

Control handle