I.C.T-SS550 | Full-auto on-line Selective Wave Soldering Machine

Selective wave soldering is a special form of wave soldering invented to meet the development requirements of through-hole components soldering. It is mainly suitable for the soldering of through-hole components in high-end electronic products.


I.C.T – SS550

Automatic on-line Selective Wave Soldering Machine for PCB


  • PCB plate fixed, spray and soldering platform moving.
  • High soldering quality, greatly improve the pass rate of soldering.
  • Modular design of SMEMA online transportation, support customers for flexible line formation.
  • Full PC control. All parameters can set in PC and saved to PCB menu, like moving path, solder temperature, flux type, solder type ,n2 temperature etc, best trace-ability and easy to get repeat soldering quality.
  • Auto wave height calibration function, to check & calibrate wave’s height after every certain pcb, so to keep a very good stability of wave.
  • Can upgraded to be with Mark positioning function, to check PCB’s mark point after every certain pcb.
  • Self design motion table with cast aluminum, lighter weight with quick motion speed.
  • Panasonic servo motor & driver provide stable, with ballscrew & linear guild rail.less noise, stable movement.
  • With dust proof plate above motion table, so to avoid flux or solder drop to damage ball screw.
  • The jet valve originated in Germany is selected with small flux dot, please note flux solid content should be less than 10%.
  • Flux is stocked by pressure tank, make sure pressure stable without influenced of amount of flux.
  • Electromagnetic pump coil adopts German imported brand to ensure the stability and reliability of the peak;
  • Solder pot is made of Ti, not leakage. With cast iron heater outside, robust & quick heat up.
  • N2 online heating system, to wet the soldering perfectly and reduce the solder dross.
  • With stainless steel roller for conveyor, not wearable with long term usage.

Tips: How do you use a selective soldering machine?

Selective soldering machines are used to solder through-hole components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs) selectively, i.e., soldering only specific areas of the PCB without affecting other areas. Here are the basic steps to use a selective soldering machine:

  1. Load the PCB: Load the PCB into the machine’s fixture or holder. Ensure that the PCB is securely held in place to prevent any movement during the soldering process.
  2. Program the machine: Input the required soldering parameters such as the solder temperature, preheating temperature, and soldering time into the machine’s software. The machine may also have a vision system that can be programmed to locate the through-hole components on the PCB.
  3. Apply flux: Apply flux onto the through-hole component leads using a flux applicator. Flux helps to remove any oxidation from the component leads, ensuring a good solder joint.
  4. Preheat the PCB: Preheat the PCB using the machine’s preheating system. The preheating temperature should be set according to the PCB and component specifications.
  5. Solder the component: The machine’s soldering nozzle will move to the through-hole component and apply solder onto the component lead. The solder will be melted and then solidified, forming a strong bond between the component and PCB pad.
  6. Inspect the solder joint: After soldering, inspect the solder joint using visual inspection or automated inspection systems. Ensure that the solder joint is free of any defects such as insufficient solder or solder bridges.
  7. Unload the PCB: Once the inspection is complete, remove the PCB from the machine’s fixture or holder.

Selective soldering machines can have different features and configurations depending on the manufacturer and model. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended practices for optimal performance and reliability.

Please tell me your inquiry and your company information. If you are interested in a certain machine, please kindly copy the title and model to us. We will contact you soon.

Additional information



Flux Storage Tank


Flux Support

Flux Alarm, Automatic

Preheating Mode

Hot air and IR

Preheating Area


Preheating Zone

Top hot air:1,Bottom IR:1

Warm-up Time

Approx.15min (setting 150℃)

Control Mode


Nozzle Inner Diameter

Φ 2.5-30mm(Customizable Special dimensions)

Max PCB Size


PCB Thickness



Purity of N2: 99.998%, 0.3~0.4 MPa,25 L/min,Outer diameter Φ6mm

Power Supply

380±10%, 50/60HZ, 35Kw