I.C.T-100A | Depaneling Machine SMT Desktop PCBA Router

The desktop type PCBA router I.C.T-100A uses the high-speed rotating spindle to cut automatically. It provides a high-performance, high safety and high stability industrial equipment platform (high-precision integrated motion control card, stepping motor, precision slide rail) with simple operation, fast cutting speed and high accuracy, with the high-intensity dust collection system, keep PCBA and working surface clean.



SMT Desktop PCBA Router


  • The cutting stress is smaller, so as to prevent chips such as ceramic capacitors from being damaged in the cutting process.
  • It can cut straight line, arc and other shapes on PCBA substrate, so the constraint on substrate design is greatly reduced.
  • Using high speed spindle, cutting stress is greatly reduced, precision is high, inertia is small, and response is fast.
  • Ion air gun will remove static electricity on PCB surface and prevent dust from adsorbing on PCB.
  • High cutting precision, smooth cutting surface, to meet the needs of customers for high-quality production process.
  • The separated vacuum dust collector adopts high efficiency motor with high suction and low noise.
  • Humanized operation system design, simple operation, flexible.

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Additional information



Pcb Size(Special size optional)


PCB thickness


Weight(with vacuum cleaner)

85 kg



Dust Collection Method

Vacuum cleaning

Air volume of vacuum cleaner


Vacuum cleaner Dimension


Voltage of the Dust Collector

380V,50/60HZ, 1.2kw